yay it's July!

I read a quote a couple of weeks ago regarding motherhood, it said, "The days are long but the years are short". Well if I had to adapt that quote to the last 2 months of pregnancy it would say "The hours, days, and weeks are pretty freaking long".
Despite the time moving unbelievably slow, we have been incredibly busy, and have been able to do some fun things!
On June 28th, we attended our 3rd Boise Music Festival with our friends Chase and Emmie. We heard Sky Blue from LMFAO, Fitz and the Tantrums, and Train. We weren't there very long, just long enough to get some carnival food and listen to some less than awesome music, but as always, the people-watching didn't disappoint, and the company was great!
We had a nice 3-day weekend for the fourth. We went to Emmie's sweet parents' house for a delicious BBQ and did a TON of fireworks. We didn't get any pictures though...I'm not loving being the subject of photographs at the moment. Then on the 5th, we went out shooting with our cousins Tara and Jason. Before we went we had to stop at the store for some ammo, and I had to grab some newborn diapers (I'm all about staying out of the heat as much as possible, so if we are at the store, I WILL buy baby things ;) )
The baby was NOT a fan of the guns, and I sat pretty far away to not hurt his little ears, but I couldn't resist shooting the targets with the .22, which didn't seem to bother him, it's quiet anyway :) We also spent the afternoon swimming, and headed to the Village in Meridian for a delicious dinner at Yard House and saw "The Edge of Tomorrow" with Tom Cruise, and it was actually a really good movie.
Here I was showing off how impressive it was that I got my tennis shoes on by myself. I may or may not have held my breath the whole time...
Last night was our last hypnobirthing class. I'll be glad to have my Monday nights back, but I'm sad for the class to end. It was a wonderful class and I will recommend it to everyone! I am taking a prenatal water aerobics class Monday and Wednesday nights through July though. It is so nice to get in the pool when it is 100+ degrees outside. Between those classes Mondays and Wednesdays, and Jared's lacrosse games on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we are pretty booked through the week, which helps make the mud-like time sludge by a little faster. I have my 36 week appointment this afternoon and will do a post in the next few days with that update!

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