For my sweetheart.

This sweet boy is the absolute love of my life. I guess to be married to someone sort of implies this, but the love I have for him seriously takes my breath away. The kindness and concern and tenderness he treats me with is the stuff of romance novels. He is selfless and hardworking and does everything he can to make me feel like his queen.
Over the past week I have endured about about 20 hours of labor, and still no sign of baby. These aren't Braxton hicks, these are 3 minutes apart, lasting a minute each, and going on for hours. Nothing alarming, especially for a first pregnancy, but still rather discouraging. However, I have treasured these hours. That may sound strange, but there are precious few hours Jared and I have left alone together, and during this time, my darling husband is right there with me, coaching me, soothing me, helping to relax me. He makes sure I drink and eat, he makes me walk or get on the exercise ball, he is right there in the trenches with me.
He has been this way my whole pregnancy, through morning sickness and dizziness and no appetite to an insatiable appetite. No sleep, achey body, crazy pregnancy brain, any woman who says men have no idea what it's like to be pregnant may be right, but women have no idea what it's like to support a pregnant wife. The patience Jared has exhibited should qualify him for a Nobel prize. It is no fun to come home to a whiney miserable spouse, yet he has not complained, not once. Instead he does everything in his power to make me comfortable.
He has happily attended over 18 hours of birthing/breastfeeding/baby care classes. He cares about how our baby is brought into the world, and is taking an active role, and it is so wonderful to go through this with him.
So here my dear love naps this Sunday afternoon, after yet another 6 hours of seeing me through every contraction until 3 am last night. My heart could absolutely burst. He has made the most incredible spouse the past 4 years, I cannot wait another second to see what a wonderful father he will be. I am truly blessed with this beautiful life.

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