37 Weeks

well here we are, full term. 3 weeks to the due date, though you can never be too sure, so I have to expect to go two weeks late, but hope to go when I am due :)
I am feeling good, considering my midsection has expanded to the point where I feel like I'm going to bust open, and I look like I am having a full body reaction to a bee sting. My body is holding up well. Total weight gain is 34 pounds, which I feel pretty good about (though I still have a few weeks, and I get hungrier by the day...). My hips and back only ache a few times a day, and really nothing else hurts, except for when the not-so-little-anymore man decides to stretch his legs straight out as far as they will go. I'm fairly sure that in the history of child bearing, no baby has ever broken through his mother's abdomen, but it feels like my kid might accomplish that sometimes.
I'm sleeping alright, up about every 2 hours, and I CANNOT wait to sleep on my stomach and back again. Side sleeping is not for me.
Everyone says "just wait until he comes, enjoy your sleep now" but guess what, when he comes, I won't have to wake up at 6:00 am every morning and get up and act like a normal grown up and shower and go to work.
The biggest issue right now is the heat. I'm not kidding, Boise is the hottest place in the country. Don't believe me? Here's today's forecast of the whole United States.
We are hotter than Texas, Georgia and Missouri, and we tie with Arizona and Vegas. That forecast is even downplaying it. We have hit 103 every day this past week. The worst part is that the hottest part of the day comes right when I'm leaving work and getting into my car, which is essentially a crock pot, and by the time the A/C kicks in enough to make any kind of a difference, I pull into my driveway. Thankfully though our house is set to a crisp 69 degrees and is a beautiful oasis. (I'm just not looking forward to my power bill this month).
At my appointment this week, they estimated baby to be 6-6 1/2 pounds. He's all ready to go in the perfect position, but still has some dropping to do. In the words of my awesome midwife "You're not miserable enough yet". Which is ok, because even though I keep saying I'd love to go into labor any minute, I know that the longer he's in there, the better off he'll be, so he can keep jabbing and hiccupping, there's no safer place for him! I do keep dreaming about going into labor though, last night I had 4 completely different dreams just about labor. In my head I logically understand that this kid will have to come out eventually, but it still feels like it will never happen! I just can't wait to meet our little sweetheart.

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