Baby Thomas Nursery Tour

After working my butt off sewing, and finding good deals, and getting everything together, little man's nursery is finally done! It is a tiny room, but I am absolutely in love with it. As silly as it sounds I've always dreamed of having a beautiful nursery to bring our first little one home to, and I'm grateful we've been granted with the circumstances to be able to have one. I am really proud of all the bargain shopping and good deals I've found, and everything I've made! We've really done everything on a budget, and I love everything we've gotten, it's just taken a sharp watch on Craigslist and a little bit of elbow grease :)
So here's just a little video of his room. I cannot spend enough time up there!
Sorry...there are a few times my finger must've covered the mic, but the sound does come back

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