29 weeks

Well today marks our little boy reaching 29 weeks old. 
I had my glucose test this week and passed with flying colors. I also had my full blood panel again and everything looks great! 
I had my midwife appointment yesterday and everything else looks great. We love our midwife. We had put together a rough draft of our birth plan and went over it with her and asked tons of questions and she just really put our minds at ease. She showed me how to feel around my big belly to find little boy's bum, and she said I should periodically "chase him around", basically poke him to get him to move. It is pretty cute to play with him. She did say that he is breach right now, but that's perfectly normal, as long as he flips in the next 6 weeks, which I'm sure he will :)
I am feeling good. My feet have started to swell a bit, but i can still wear my rings during the day. I'm up about 18 pounds, and in feeling it! Sleeping is also getting a bit difficult. I'm trying my hardest to sleep just on my left side, but I miss my stomach so bad!
I'm also loving my bike right now, I go super slow, and Jared is so paranoid about me riding just on the sidewalk and watching my balance, but at this point I really prefer it to walking, it feels good on my hips!
I haven't had labor signs really. I periodically get a Braxton hicks contraction, or a lower back contraction, but he is pretty darn comfy in there. 
We are in full preparation mode at our house, my sweet friend Marilyn is throwing me a baby shower in about two weeks, and I am so excited! I've been dreaming about our sweet boy almost every night and just cannot wait to snuggle him. 


May already

What a crazy month April was.
I really thought I would be much better about documenting my pregnancy than I have been, but I feel like I haven't had any spare time for two months!
I spent a bit of time in Eastern Idaho this month. We were able to go out for Jared's brother's graduation, and spend some time with Jared's mom. I'm so glad we were able to support Ethan and help them pack up and get on their way to southern California!
Then the next weekend my mom and my sister came out to Boise for a night on their way to take Nicole back to school, then I drove over to Rexburg with them. We were able to have a lot of quality girl time, and it was good to see Nicole off to school again.

A lot of people have asked if I am still working. The answer is definitely yes, I have been so exhausted, but I'll keep on trucking until this little one comes!
We also finished up the nursery, it looks so good. There are still some finishing touches to get done. Once it is all put together I'll do a full post on it.

It feels good to have so much together though, suddenly we are down to just 13 weeks (man that seems like a long time though)...but I keep getting bigger and more tired, and I definitely would not have wanted to paint at this point. Plus I was able to score BIG TIME on a bunch of baby stuff. I found a bumbo on Craigslist that I liked, and I was going to get it from the lady for $15, but she ended up throwing all sorts of other stuff in with the deal! We got a bouncer, the bumbo, a boppy pillow, and a HUGE bin of clothes, a lot that still had their tags on them. I am so grateful for everyday angels that are placed in my life, this lady was definitely a blessing!
We also had our first of a bunch of classes we are going to. The first was called "baby care basics" which is fairly self explanatory. Due to my previous employment as a "baby teacher", I am fairly well acquainted with infant care, but Jared really hasn't been around babies much, and he was enthusiastic and willing to go! I am so grateful for such a supportive and awesome husband. So many men have to be DRAGGED to those classes, but Jared wants to learn as much as he can, so he can prepare, and be a great dad. There was a part of the class where we had to treat these dolls just like babies, and swaddle them by ourselves then pass them off to our partners. Jared was so gentle and so caring, my heart could have just exploded he was so adorable. He is going to be such a wonderful father. Our  "birthing" class starts in June, and goes for five, and we are both looking forward to that, even though I really have tried not to think of the whole "birth" part of this whole experience...
Also the first week of June we are headed to Cabo for our 4 year anniversary / babymoon trip, I cannot stop looking at pictures. We will have so much fun!!
Well lot's of words to just a few pictures. My most recent "bump" picture, I finally "scooped out" a little.
Oh and Jared on his dirtbike, which he fixed up. He got a smoking deal on it since it wasn't running when he bought it, but now it works like a dream!