22.5 weeks.

well I haven't done my "weekly update" for the past 5 weeks because well I just haven't looked pregnant, it hasn't been that much fun to make a board and take a silly picture when I just look marginally chubbier than the week before. If you don't believe me....

Well, as you all know now, we are having a little boy!!! We are so incredibly excited. It was pretty funny when we went and got the ultrasound, literally the first picture up on the screen was between the kid's legs, and I knew immediately we were having a boy, then the tech asked "do you guys want to know what you are having?" haha...too late lady.
We got some great pictures of the kid, though none that were very good of his face, but we got the best ones of his toes and his hands. It was amazing to see all the bones in his tiny feet, and watch them kick. Plus he completely flipped around during the ultrasound and we got to see that. It was such a beautiful experience to see our son, that little person, with a heart the size of a dime, have such a little personality. We even got to see that his stomach was full, and so was his little bladder! Pretty neat.
That night we threw a party for our friends to announce the gender. I got two big balloons and filled them with little blue heart confetti, and we popped it! Needless to say, there are little shiny blue hearts turning up everywhere, but it was so fun! Jared had the great idea to come up with some questions we have about parenting and raising our kids, and pose them to all of our friends and see what everyone came up with. Some of the questions were "how can we shelter our child from the evils of this world without putting him in a bubble?" "what are your favorite boy names?" "how can we stay in love as a couple after the baby comes?" It ended up being a great conversation with everyone, and we are so grateful for our sweet friends!
Then, to torture our family (ha ha), I had sent out announcements to them, instead of just telling everyone what we were having. I ordered the announcements the week before, and made a bunch of little ties and bows the night before, to stick in the announcements the next day and get them right in the mail.
Well thank goodness we are having a boy because those ties took me forever!
Let me tell you, this kid is a MOVER. I first felt him around 14 weeks, and then at 16 weeks started having the "braxton hicks" pains I had previously written about. I have had the same pains intermittently the past month, but a couple weeks ago had them the worst I've ever had, and got really concerned. I went in to see the midwife, and after a lot of description, and even having a couple of pains in the office, it was while she was listening to his heartbeat with the doppler that she said "That little boy is kicking you in the cervix, that's what your pains are!" We could hear him moving around like CRAZY on the doppler. She was very surprised when I told her I have felt him moving pretty much constantly for a while, and she just said "you already have a handful!" So I am glad to know that it is just my son being a stinker kicking me in painful places than anything wrong, plus him moving so much gives me great peace of mind.
Jared felt him kick for the first time about 3 weeks ago, but can now feel him all the time, you can even see him from the outside.
Other than that I am feeling great, I've finally gained a little (up 5 pounds!), and cannot keep up with my appetite, I am starving all the time. I'm not having any specific cravings, just any food, and thank goodness, I thought I would never love food again.
We have also been working on the nursery, it is almost done! we pained two weekends ago and I have all the furniture together, and this last weekend I spent all weekend sewing, I did a sheet set, a changing pad cover, and a crib skirt. My next post will be a little nursery tour,
it's my favorite room in the whole house, I love sitting in my big recliner up there and just looking at all our hard work. I wanted to get everything done before I got too big to do much, so I will have peace of mind knowing that is a big thing to check off!
Also I chopped my hair off, and it takes me like 15 minutes to do it now, I love it!

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