The Super Bowl (aka one of the most depressing evenings ever...)

Yeah...I don't even want to talk about it.
My broncos! The last time I watched them in the Super Bowl was when I was 7! and I distinctly remember it. I was so so excited, and absolutely sure they would win.
Boy was I wrong.
We had a bunch of friends over and I made a ton of delicious food.
Sadly, I was really only able to enjoy a few chips with some dip. Not nearly as much as I was hoping I could stuff my face with. Darn baby.
Fixins included Tex Mex, Ranch Dip, Pasta salad skewers, Peanut Butter Bars, and Oreo treats. It is funny how most of this food is stuff my mom made when we were growing up. Nothing says a party like Tex Mex and ranch dip ;)
We had fun despite the pathetic game, it is always nice to talk with friends. We have such good ones here!
I have been feeling a bit better, getting my appetite back, it's very slow going though. I am 14.5 weeks, come on! This baby needs some nutrition!
Though, I'm sure it's getting what it needs, because this baby is a MOVER!! I first felt it move almost 2 weeks ago, but starting last night, into this afternoon, little one has not stopped moving! Such a bizarre feeling, and it is still early! But it is unmistakable. Baby rolls and kicks and jabs, too bad Jared can't feel it yet. We've concluded we are having a hulk.
Lastly, last week Jared conducted his first Pack Meeting as cubmaster. He did such a fantastic job. He planned a whole program, and the boys were all into it, and thought he was so cool. I wish I would have taken a picture, I was so proud of him!

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