17 Weeks

alright, I'm playing around with this chalkboard thing. I won't even say how long I spent on that chalkboard to get it to look how I wanted it to, and once we started taking pictures, I realized I put too much on there, but there was no way I was redoing it... So in weeks to come, there will be less info so it is easier to read!
Also, I don't look pregnant at all...haha...that's part of why I waited so long to start taking these pictures! I wish I did! My clothes are all getting too small, a shopping trip is in my future, but I don't want to get anything yet because I am not even close to maternity clothes. I'll get there though!

it says:
"17 weeks, size of an onion, mom can finally EAT!, Total weight gain 1 lb (though I lost it again...no wonder I don't look pregnant), craving pizza and captain crunch, and symptoms are pregnancy brain and braxton hicks"
yes, braxton hicks, that's just what the doc said they were, though I think it is more round ligament pain. I have been having sharp sharp pains, and doc ordered me to "bed rest" for the weekend, and if no improvement by Monday we will run some tests.
Honestly I think I am just finally growing and it is just really hurting, that's what I'm hoping at least.
I'm thrilled to finally be eating! though the nausea still makes an appearance most days, and still weirdly gagging all the time.
My headaches have gotten so much better since seeing a chiropractor, now if I could just get my brain to work...
Have a great week!

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