17 Weeks

alright, I'm playing around with this chalkboard thing. I won't even say how long I spent on that chalkboard to get it to look how I wanted it to, and once we started taking pictures, I realized I put too much on there, but there was no way I was redoing it... So in weeks to come, there will be less info so it is easier to read!
Also, I don't look pregnant at all...haha...that's part of why I waited so long to start taking these pictures! I wish I did! My clothes are all getting too small, a shopping trip is in my future, but I don't want to get anything yet because I am not even close to maternity clothes. I'll get there though!

it says:
"17 weeks, size of an onion, mom can finally EAT!, Total weight gain 1 lb (though I lost it again...no wonder I don't look pregnant), craving pizza and captain crunch, and symptoms are pregnancy brain and braxton hicks"
yes, braxton hicks, that's just what the doc said they were, though I think it is more round ligament pain. I have been having sharp sharp pains, and doc ordered me to "bed rest" for the weekend, and if no improvement by Monday we will run some tests.
Honestly I think I am just finally growing and it is just really hurting, that's what I'm hoping at least.
I'm thrilled to finally be eating! though the nausea still makes an appearance most days, and still weirdly gagging all the time.
My headaches have gotten so much better since seeing a chiropractor, now if I could just get my brain to work...
Have a great week!


Frozen rant

There is a lot of stuff in this world that drive me nuts, that make me sad, or make me upset, but typically I keep my mouth shut (except in front of Jared and select coworkers ;) ). Today is not so. This is not the biggest thing about the world that makes me crazy, but it is something that has directly impacted me and my enjoyment of life, so here it goes.
I am SOOOO tired of people obsessing over things. Right now? it's Frozen. Yes I saw Frozen, yes I thought it was an ok movie. The music was tolerable, it made me giggle, and the snowman was pretty darn cute. Apparently though, moderately liking this movie, or heaven forbid, disliking this movie basically makes you a pariah because everyone in the whole stinking world is royally infatuated with it. I can't get on the internet without seeing a million "Let it Go" covers, and "Frozen" recreations.
and guess what. that has RUINED the movie for me. I no longer find it charming, just really freaking annoying.
The SAME EXACT thing happened with Tangled, which, in Tangled's defense, I thought was cuter than Frozen, but full grown adults, with lives and a million other things to do were flat out obsessing over this Disney movie.
Jared and I hadn't seen it in theaters, and were even resistant to watch it because of all the hype, and when we finally did see it, it was with a bunch of people who were completely in love with it, and it ruined the movie for us, it was like if we didn't love it as much as they did, we would be shunned. And we did not love it as much as they did... I loved Rapunzel, and that little chameleon, and Flynn Ryder was a funny "prince", but it's another Disney movie, there have been a lot before, and there will be a lot to come. I have watched Tangled once since, and just can't love it, because it was so annoying listening to people for three years absolutely gush over a moving that is alright, but should not have taken over people's lives.
This is probably the pessimistic, world/people hating Shannon talking when I say, most of the time when people love something so much, it makes me really really not like it.
It's like the Chevron craze, perpetuated by Pinterest. The pattern is kind of cute, but in two years everyone is going to be like "why is everything in your life zigzag?"
Harry Potter is a great example, and pertinent to me, because I have absolutely loved it since I was 8 years old. I grew up reading the books, falling in love with the characters, going to midnight showings, and I still have a huge soft spot for the boy with the lightning scar.
I do not, however, feel the need to decorate my baby's nursery in Harry Potter memorabilia, or bring it up in every conversation, or try to win the "I love harry potter the mostest" competition.
Maybe that's what all of this obsessing is really about, competition. See who can get the most obsessed. To me though, it is just irritating, and this Frozen thing will die out just like Tangled did, until the next Disney movie comes out and everyone's head explodes because it is just thebestthingthey'veeverseenorheardorwilleverseeorhear.
I was talking to Jared about this this morning, and I brought up classics like "The Little Mermaid" and "The Lion King", which was the first movie I saw in theaters (I think I was 4). Those are good solid Disney movies, but 20 years ago, people just didn't get this internet perpetuated fandom that we see now.
Moderation is the key here. I think we have a passionate generation, but that passion needs to be harnessed into things that matter, and isn't it funny that that passion just jumps from fad to fad with the rest of the world, and no one really has their own opinions? This goes into a different conversation Jared and I had last night, when he said "this is probably how all the normal people felt in the 60s when the hippie thing took over, and everyone normal was like 'what in the world is happening to this place!?'"
So, in my opinion, I won't ever see Frozen again, Tangled was ok, Brave was dumb, Avatar was Pocahontas, and the third Hunger Games book was terribly dull.
Deep breath and...Rant over.


This has been a much better week for me. I have had mostly good days, the headaches and nausea/no appetite hit me at about 4 in the afternoon, so I've been able to work.
I had my routine checkup yesterday, though hearing the heartbeat was great, I'm spoiled now because I bought one of these!

it's an at home doppler, and that really is baby Thomas' heartbeat, we listen to it almost every day, and it is so awesome! It is especially helpful on days I feel really lousy, I can find that little beat and just know it is all worth it! For those interested, it's a Sonoline B 3 mhz doppler, and I got it for $53 brand new on ebay.
We also scored this. I've had a lot of experience with pack n' plays (hello baby teacher), and I'm super picky. I had done a bunch of research on them and this brand was on my list. Lo and behold after looking at Craigslist day after day I found it! $60 for a pack n play that has all the sweet features I wanted, looks brand spanking new, and saved me a ton of money.

Also this week we got our pictures back from a session we did with Gina Smith back in November. We haven't gotten pictures done since our wedding almost 4 years ago!! I had been wanting to get pictures done before we had a "maternity shoot", since a lot of time has passed since our last ones, and was so thrilled when Gina asked if we could do a couple shoot with her, and it was so great because she took our wedding pictures too!
We had so much fun, and I love how they turned out. I got lucky and got all the proofs from the whole session to play around with (Thanks Gina!) but our favorites she touched up, and I can't wait to order big prints of some of them.

Man my husband just keeps getting better and better looking, I am one heck of a lucky girl.
At my appt yesterday we set the date four our next one, the BIG one, the 20 week ultrasound to see how the little one is growing and to find out if it will be rifles or glitter, mustaches or bows, a boy or a girl! I am so excited, March 14th will be a wonderful day!
I am being totally and completely honest when I say I will be absolutely THRILLED with a boy or a girl! I really have no qualms or hopes, I am just over the moon about our kiddo, a little boy would be so awesome, but a little girl would be wonderful as well!! Really, I'm mostly excited to find out simply so I can start buying gender biased baby stuff! If it weren't for that, I really think I could go the whole time not knowing, I've actually really thrown around the idea, but for the sake of planning, I think we will find out :)
I really really really appreciate all the kind words I have received the past week. I have such a great support system, and am so grateful for the cheerleaders in my life. I think things are getting better, I'm just so excited to EAT again!!


The Super Bowl (aka one of the most depressing evenings ever...)

Yeah...I don't even want to talk about it.
My broncos! The last time I watched them in the Super Bowl was when I was 7! and I distinctly remember it. I was so so excited, and absolutely sure they would win.
Boy was I wrong.
We had a bunch of friends over and I made a ton of delicious food.
Sadly, I was really only able to enjoy a few chips with some dip. Not nearly as much as I was hoping I could stuff my face with. Darn baby.
Fixins included Tex Mex, Ranch Dip, Pasta salad skewers, Peanut Butter Bars, and Oreo treats. It is funny how most of this food is stuff my mom made when we were growing up. Nothing says a party like Tex Mex and ranch dip ;)
We had fun despite the pathetic game, it is always nice to talk with friends. We have such good ones here!
I have been feeling a bit better, getting my appetite back, it's very slow going though. I am 14.5 weeks, come on! This baby needs some nutrition!
Though, I'm sure it's getting what it needs, because this baby is a MOVER!! I first felt it move almost 2 weeks ago, but starting last night, into this afternoon, little one has not stopped moving! Such a bizarre feeling, and it is still early! But it is unmistakable. Baby rolls and kicks and jabs, too bad Jared can't feel it yet. We've concluded we are having a hulk.
Lastly, last week Jared conducted his first Pack Meeting as cubmaster. He did such a fantastic job. He planned a whole program, and the boys were all into it, and thought he was so cool. I wish I would have taken a picture, I was so proud of him!