13 weeks and a questionnaire

My cute pregnant partner/sister in law Kaytlin is doing a survey every couple of weeks on her blog to follow her pregnancy. I love this idea, and though I can't promise them very often, I wanted to do a special one for my first "update", and I found this list of questions online.
This is really a big fat excuse for me to think even more about the little one, not that I need any help with that... ;)

About the Mommy!
Name: Shannon
Age: 23
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue/green
First Child: Yes

About the Daddy!
Name: Jared
Age: 26
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green/Hazel
First Child: yes

Finding Out!
What day did you find out?: November 22, 2013
How did you feel when you found out?: Like I had been on this roller coaster before...
Who was with you?: Well I found out on my own, just me and the stick, and then I ran in and woke Jared up
Who was the first person you told?: Jared
How did they react?: He was excited, well as excited as he could be hearing that his wife is pregnant for the third time in a year...it's kind of become old hat

Telling the Grandparents
How did your parents react?: Very well, and so supportive. I told my parents "guess who's pregnant? This guy!" and my dad was like "uh who?"
How did his parents react?: So well, Sarah knew first, and was so excited, and Jared's dad just hugged us
Are they helping with baby names?: Aside from recommending their own names, nope ;)
Have they bought anything for the baby yet?: I don't think so

About the Pregnancy
When was your first appointment?: well I had a bunch of blood work and stuff done on Dec. 2nd, but we got to see the little guy on Dec 6th, when I was 5 weeks 6 days
When is your due date?: August 2, 2014, but I keep feeling like we are going to have a July baby
How far along are you?: 12 weeks 6 days
Have you had any ultrasounds?: just that first one
Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yes, last Friday, it was seriously magical. I couldn't believe how loud and strong it was. I was beaming the rest of the day
What was the heartbeat?: 129 at the first ultrasound, and 166 when we heard it last week
Sex of the baby: to be determined!

About the birth!!
Do you know what you are taking with you?: Nope
Who is going to be with you?: Just Jared
Are you going to videotape it?: I don't think so...
Natural or Medicated?: I've thought about it a lot and am not sure. I'm probably going to give it my all, but I am not morally opposed to the epidural, I just want to see how tough I really am
Do you think you will need a c-section?: I don't think so, but you never know
Will you cry when you hold your baby for the first time?: I'm sure
Do you think Daddy will cry?: Yes, he is his father's son :)
Do you know what you will say to the baby when you first hold him/her?: I love you!

Do you have a name picked out?: we have names we like, but nothing picked out, we will start thinking more seriously when we know the gender
Is your baby going to be named after someone?: middle names will all be family names

Other Random Questions!
Have you felt the baby move?: Yes. Tonight for the first time, I was in a funny position and this flutter kind of swooshed, it was unlike anything I've ever felt
What was your first symptom?: intense sense of smell
What is the baby’s room theme?: I have a beadboard crib and changing table already , I'll go very neutral with peach or pastel pink for a girl, and mint for a boy
What was the first thing you bought for the baby?: Probably the crib and changing table. Only because they were the exact ones I wanted. I'm waiting to get anything else
Will you cloth diaper?: I don't think so, I think I'm going to go with the Honest Company's diaper delivery
BFing or Formula?: Breast feeding
Total weight gain/loss: I have lost 3 pounds, but trust me, I would much rather be gaining...
Sleep: I am WIDE awake at 6 am every single morning with a growling stomach and no appetite. I am also peeing at least 2 times a night, and having the most crazy vivid dreams of my life! So I wouldn't say I'm sleeping awesome
Best moment this week: I guess hearing the heartbeat was last week, so this week it was announcing to everyone via social media that we are expecting. We have such a great support system!
Food cravings: not really
Food aversions: pretty much anything. I can stomach english muffins and cheerios, other than that, I have to choke down everything I eat!
Pregnancy symptoms: SO emotional! The crying is out of control! Also just sick, bleh, being nauseated for 7 weeks has been so draining, physically and mentally, sometimes I feel like I'm losing it. Also my right foot/toes go numb a lot. Oh, and headaches, bad headaches.

What I miss: Just feeling human, I can't wait to enjoy food again, it is SUCH a chore to eat!

What I am looking forward to: starting to show, and find out if the munchkin is a boy or girl!

Milestones: 2nd trimester! Woo hoo!!

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