Garage freezer

I got a new toy. I haven't been this excited about something in a long time. I found a little beat up freezer on craigslist for $75, and I snagged it. I am SOOOO excited for this garage freezer. Every time I opened my freezer above my fridge I would want to beat someone up, and this feeling would only get stronger after I had to dodge frozen bags of chicken from falling on my feet because the stinking tiny freezer was overflowing. So now I can STOCK up, something that truly warms my soul.
 In other news, along with paving roads and laying plots behind our house, they laid the foundation for the house right across the street from us today. I feel so bad for the guys working in this 100 degree weather, but this house will be up before we know it. They sure work quick!

We have had a great time hanging out with our friends lately. It is so nice to be settled here and though we don't have family, to have people who we love here! Our friends Shea and McKay and their daughter Penny are very close to our hearts, and Jared adores little Penny. Just check out these pictures and see how Penny feels about Jared.
Look at her caress his face!
 In other news, I have been doing a skin challenge, put on by my favorite lady Cara from the blog Maskcara. You have to drink 1/2 gallon of water a day, wash your face every single night, and moisturize morning and night. See the whole here: Soapbox Challenge. I've already noticed a little difference in my skin, and it's nice to stick to a routine.
Also we are doing fruit and veggie bingo through my work. Each week they send out a bingo sheet, and you eat a serving of the foods, and mark them off, and report your "bingos" at the end of the week. I really love my job.

Though, at my job, in the past week, two different people were carted off in the ambulance. A lady had what she thought was a heart attack last week, and today, I had to call 911 for a different lady that was having severe abdominal pain, and both times the paramedics and firemen storm into my lobby, and it was all very intense. 
We are loving life, but mostly loving each other, we just wish we had more time together! McKay calls us "DINKs" Double Income No Kids. Which is true, and nice, but working 10 hours a day each sure keeps us busy, and exhausted.

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