Local Celebrity run-ins

This week have been pretty cool for me! I had a pretty intensive 2-day orientation to St. Luke's Monday and Tuesday, and there was a semi-familiar looking lady sitting in front of me. Come to find out it was Kristin Armstrong, the two time gold-medalist in Women's cycling! She started working for St Lukes, and I got to have orientation with her! It was pretty cool to meet her especially because Jared and I watched both times she won and were cheering for her, she was really nice, and has a pretty big wiggy job for the hospital now,

Then, Thursday night Jared and I were watching the local news and saw THIS story about one of Idaho's previous governers, Phil Batt, and how a building got named after him, and he performed a song he wrote about Idaho on his clarinet with some elementary school kids singing along. It was pretty stinking adorable considering Phil is 86 years old and playing his adorable clarinet and writing adorable Idaho songs. Jared and I were laughing so hard and just loved him! No joke, the next day, Phil Batt walked into my office! I almost lost it! I should've told him I saw him play his becautiful song on the news, but I just couldn't believe I had just seen him. That tickled me pink let me tell ya.
 I have such a cool job! I meet interesting people every day

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