PBR & Alex Clare

PHEW! What a cool week we've had! This past Saturday we were able to go to the PBR, the Professional Bull Rider's Rodeo out in Nampa. I bought the tickets like a month ago and we were so excited. It was so fun! It was the 35 best bull riders in the whole world. The second rider out fell off his bull and the 1500 pound bull fell over onto the guy's head! Then like two rides after that a guy fell on his neck and had to be rushed to the hospital. Needless to say, if even the best ones get seriously injured, I don't think this is a sport for me. But this is totally a new tradition we will go do next year!

Then last night Jared came home with some Alex Clare tickets a guy a work didn't want (you know, he sings "And it feels just like I'm just too close to love you..." So we made a date of it and went to the Solid bar and Grill downtown for dinner. Jared got this burger called the defibrillator, it had guacamole and tempura fried bacon on it. It was delicious.

 Then we walked up the street to The Knitting Factory club, and sat through Alex Clare's opening act (glorified DJ's that call themselves "The Knocks"), and then got to see him.
First off, who knew he was British? I just am confused because they say we have accents, yet they sing with our accent, so which is really the right way to speak? Anyway, he has some really good music, and an awesome voice, and of course, it was cool to see him sing his "Too Close" song live.

 For real, my husband is so hot. Look at those eyes!!!

 We got home after the concert at like 11, and that is just way too late for us old married people, we are both so tired this morning, but we've been having so much fun!

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