Just when you think you have life figured out...

Well I said it just four weeks ago, I had no idea what this year would bring us, but here's another curve ball!
Last week I was offered an administrative position working for St. Luke's hospital, and I've decided to take it!
There have been countless tears shed over this decision, I am very sad to leave my current job, I love all the sweet women I work with, and I am devastated to leave all of my little ones, but I feel like this is the right direction, and I am so excited for this new opportunity.
I'll be working for the Revenue Cycle department at St. Lukes, so not at the hospital, but at a business park location. I'll be in the lobby and have a desk and all sorts of other professional things, it will be so fun!
My last day at Great Beginnings is next Friday, then I fly to Colorado for Nicole's graduation (woo woo!) and get back here on Wednesday night, so my first day at my new job is Thursday May 23rd.
Yesterday I had an appointment to go over paperwork and get my benefits folder, and today I have a nurse's appointment to ensure I'm not on drugs haha, and that I've had all of my vaccines and other things. Working for a hospital is so serious!
This will be a big change, and I am nervous and intimidated, this will be very out of my comfort zone! But I believe change makes you a better person, and growth cannot come without change.
ANNND along with this huge change, I have made the heartbreaking decision to find my sweet little Lily a new home. I figured I am going through so many changes, might as well rip off the bandaid. I love that little dog so much, but she is alone in our laundry room for so much of the day while we work, and she sleeps in there too, I just feel like she isn't getting enough attention, and we are just too tired to give her what she needs. This will only get worse as the number of hours I work will be increasing a little with my new job.
So basically I am walking water works right now, I might just burst into tears at any moment, so I apologize in advance if that happens with any of you. But BRING IT ON. I am ready for this new adventure! It is a huge blessing, and I'm so excited!


  1. I'm sorry you're having a hard time, but I'm so excited for you! You'll do great and if you ever need to sit and cry to someone on the phone, I'll be there. :D Congrats on all of your new changes!

  2. Bitter and sweet, sweet and bitter. I'm sorry about your puppy but it appears to me you are doing the best for her, although not the easiest for you.