3 years

Ah what an awesome couple of weeks I have had!
As my previous 10-line post stated, I got back from Colorado last WednesdSay night at 9, woke up the next morning for my new job at 6, worked all day Thursday and Friday, and as soon as I got home Friday, Jared whisked me away on a surprise anniversary trip.
We drove to Pendleton, Oregon Friday night, and stayed at the Wildhorse Casino. We watched some people win big at the roulette table, and mostly watched people lose big everywhere else haha. We got up Saturday morning and finished the drive to Depoe Bay, Oregon, where we pulled up to the cutest Bed and Breakfast called "Pana-sea-ah". A play on the word "panacea" which means a remedy for all ills. The owner, Bob, met us at our car and helped up take our bags to our room upstairs, and gave us the tour. This is the first real bed and breakfast either of us had stayed at so it was a neat experience.

We immediately headed down to the beach, which was about a 45 second walk from our b&b. We dipped our toes in the frosty ocean, and walked down to some huge rocks and explored the tide pools and climbed over the top to some absolutely gorgeous views.
That night we went to a little fish and chips shop and it was delicious...
Sunday we got to have breakfast prepared by Bob with 6 of the other guests, this amazing peach french toast souffle and other fancy things. Then we headed a couple miles down the coast for some whale watching. We took a zodiac style boat, which only held 6 people, but we were the only ones on it, so it was our own private tour with Captain Gary. Sadly we did not see any whales...it was pretty windy and a bit drizzly, so we couldn't see them, but it was so cool to take this little boat out on the beautiful ocean and get a bit of a tour.
That night we went to "Tidal Rave" restaurant and had some awesome crab cakes, and enjoyed our seat overlooking the ocean. I always snuffed the Oregon coast as not being a real "beach" because it was cold, and you couldn't surf there (well you can, you'd just have to be a little crazy) but I was definitely pout in my place. I loved it there, it may not be tropical, but the nautical beach is just as beautiful.
Daturday night we watched these awesome documentaries about mermaids on the animal planet...totally real. It was mostly fun to sit and gasp, and laugh and yell things like "sweeeet!" with my sweetheart, he loves those kinds of things.
Monday we woke up to another awesome breakfast by Bob, and took off for the long drive home. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who is so conscientious of me, and what I need. When I need someone to talk to, he talks, when I need someone to listen, he listens, when I need to be held, there are his arms. I couldn't have wished for a better spouse. Discovering the world together is our favorite thing to do. He takes care of me and loves me absolutely, I am lucky to hear it multiple times a day.
I'm so glad for these three years, and cannot wait for the next 80 at least :)


Nicole's Graduation

Saturday arrival at 7:30 a.m.
Mall shopping, ward graduation party, local shopping.
Sunday hang out, church, seminary graduation, The Princess Diaries.
Monday Target shopping, food network, lunch at Firehouse subs, relax.
Tuesday Nicole's graduation, there at 7:15 a.m. Lunch at The White Chocolate Grill, Lance's license test (he passed!!) Southlands shopping, Hotel Transylvania.
Wednesday Outlets shopping, lunch in Castle Rock, pack, fly home, land in Boise at 8:45 p.m.
Today up at 6, get ready, go to my first day of work at 8, run around getting tours, and job shadows and inundated with information, get off at 5, quick stop to Costco, home.
I am dead.


Last day.

Last night I kept dreaming of this last day at work, and saying goodbye. I didn't think it would be this hard!
The first job I ever had was at a daycare, right after I turned 16. I worked with the 1-2 year olds. I don't remember a ton about that job, just rushing out of school every day to beat the traffic and drive the 30 minutes to my job. I still remember some of the kids, but I think I was more worried about getting them to like me than taking great care of them.
After about 6 months of working there just after school, I worked full time during the summer for about a month. I played a different role there, more of a "helper" than a "teacher".  Then, I decided being around kids all the time was making me really sick (for real, I was sick as a dog all the time!) and I wanted a "cooler" job, so I went into Red Robin on a whim because I had heard there was a hostess opening, and applied, interviewed, and got the job all in the space of about 15 minutes.
I don't remember my last day at the daycare. I remember I loved the kids, and I had ok relationships with the ladies I worked with, but they were all older than me, and I always felt a little out of place. I remember jotting down my notice on a sticky note, but I don't remember feeling sad about leaving the kiddos, only excited about my new cooler job where I'd make more money and see more people I knew.
Then with Red Robin, working as a hostess for a year, then a waitress for another, I had great relationships with my coworkers, they were my friends. That summer before senior year my two best friends Aimee and Megan both started hostessing with me, and we had so much fun working together.
But as that came to a close before I went off to school, I still don't remember being sad, I just remember one week I went in to get my schedule and I just wasn't scheduled, so it wasn't like I had a last day or anything grand.
My part time job my last semester in college as a professor's assistant was fun, but not sad to leave, not a lot of emotional attachment there, then my terrible job I held for 6 weeks last summer as a "personal assistant" (slave) was only sad to leave because I was making an incredible amount of moolah.
So fast forward to now. I love each one of my coworkers, they are my dear friends, something that I've found hard to come by in my life. I love each of my little ones, they bring me such joy to care for, this is the most rewarding job I have ever had. And then there are the parents, who I have such great relationships with! I will miss the parents so much! I hate the looks on their faces when talking to me about their baby's new teacher and how they are worried about the changes and I know I am causing that worry by leaving.
I guess what I mean is this is a very personal job, which fits incredibly well for me. I am surrounded by love, and get to pour that back, and jobs like that are very rare.
I am incredibly excited for my new job, but especially today, it is clouded. I didn't think it'd be so hard, but I will probably be crying today. I will always treasure this part of my life, and the people that made it so wonderful. I was truly blessed and meant to find that opportunity at Great Beginnings. It has made me a better friend, a better worker, a better person, and a better (future) mother.
And today. 5 of the 6 kids I'll have today are ones that have been there since I started. Austin, Max, Fischer, Avery, and Anastasia. Ones that couldn't even crawl when I started, and I've seen blossom into these funny, emotional, and smart little people, each with their own personality that I know and love. All of the other babies in the class (who come on different days) have all started after I did, and I love each of them as well, but it seems fitting that my attention will be on my big kids, the ones who I've seen grow up the most, and the ones dearest to my heart.
Sorry for the nostalgia, I just want to remember this place, and the way it has impacted my life, forever.


Just when you think you have life figured out...

Well I said it just four weeks ago, I had no idea what this year would bring us, but here's another curve ball!
Last week I was offered an administrative position working for St. Luke's hospital, and I've decided to take it!
There have been countless tears shed over this decision, I am very sad to leave my current job, I love all the sweet women I work with, and I am devastated to leave all of my little ones, but I feel like this is the right direction, and I am so excited for this new opportunity.
I'll be working for the Revenue Cycle department at St. Lukes, so not at the hospital, but at a business park location. I'll be in the lobby and have a desk and all sorts of other professional things, it will be so fun!
My last day at Great Beginnings is next Friday, then I fly to Colorado for Nicole's graduation (woo woo!) and get back here on Wednesday night, so my first day at my new job is Thursday May 23rd.
Yesterday I had an appointment to go over paperwork and get my benefits folder, and today I have a nurse's appointment to ensure I'm not on drugs haha, and that I've had all of my vaccines and other things. Working for a hospital is so serious!
This will be a big change, and I am nervous and intimidated, this will be very out of my comfort zone! But I believe change makes you a better person, and growth cannot come without change.
ANNND along with this huge change, I have made the heartbreaking decision to find my sweet little Lily a new home. I figured I am going through so many changes, might as well rip off the bandaid. I love that little dog so much, but she is alone in our laundry room for so much of the day while we work, and she sleeps in there too, I just feel like she isn't getting enough attention, and we are just too tired to give her what she needs. This will only get worse as the number of hours I work will be increasing a little with my new job.
So basically I am walking water works right now, I might just burst into tears at any moment, so I apologize in advance if that happens with any of you. But BRING IT ON. I am ready for this new adventure! It is a huge blessing, and I'm so excited!


PBR & Alex Clare

PHEW! What a cool week we've had! This past Saturday we were able to go to the PBR, the Professional Bull Rider's Rodeo out in Nampa. I bought the tickets like a month ago and we were so excited. It was so fun! It was the 35 best bull riders in the whole world. The second rider out fell off his bull and the 1500 pound bull fell over onto the guy's head! Then like two rides after that a guy fell on his neck and had to be rushed to the hospital. Needless to say, if even the best ones get seriously injured, I don't think this is a sport for me. But this is totally a new tradition we will go do next year!

Then last night Jared came home with some Alex Clare tickets a guy a work didn't want (you know, he sings "And it feels just like I'm just too close to love you..." So we made a date of it and went to the Solid bar and Grill downtown for dinner. Jared got this burger called the defibrillator, it had guacamole and tempura fried bacon on it. It was delicious.

 Then we walked up the street to The Knitting Factory club, and sat through Alex Clare's opening act (glorified DJ's that call themselves "The Knocks"), and then got to see him.
First off, who knew he was British? I just am confused because they say we have accents, yet they sing with our accent, so which is really the right way to speak? Anyway, he has some really good music, and an awesome voice, and of course, it was cool to see him sing his "Too Close" song live.

 For real, my husband is so hot. Look at those eyes!!!

 We got home after the concert at like 11, and that is just way too late for us old married people, we are both so tired this morning, but we've been having so much fun!