Oh hey, I made my dog a sweater. And other musings.

Check out this sweater I crocheted for Lily in ONE NIGHT!
See the story is that she got a terrible haircut last week and now looks like a rat. Since then she has been shivering like crazy, so I thought "heck no am I going to buy her a coat, I can make one!" I had yarn in my craft room and I found a pattern I liked and went to town.
She loves it. She is such a princess.
Also, rundown of last week. We got a BEAUTIFUL new table (and by new, I mean new to us). Granite top, and 6 tufted leather parsons chairs, all in perfect condition. I'm in love with it (It also almost killed me helping Jared bring it inside. Heaviest thing ever...). The table of course inspired a dining room makeover complete with a rug and those terrible sliding glass door blinds that I swore I would never buy, but I did. They are starting to build more houses like CRAZY behind us, and there are guys walking around back there all the time. Without a fence, they can see right into the kitchen. So I just bit the bullet and got some blinds. Yes yes curtains work too, but I already have big red curtains along the same wall. Too much fabric. Also, I installed those myself sooo...apparently I'm handy.
We got to spend a couple of hours with Ethan and Kaytlin on Saturday and it was great to catch up with them. We also went to sushi at Happy Fish this weekend per a groupon I bought the day before. After an hour wait (in which I am sure the Waitress forgot to put in our order) she gave us a roll for free, and when the THREE rolls, yes only three, finally came, we ate in like 3 minutes. Nix that restaurant off the list...

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  1. Hey, you guys have great taste in table and chairs! That sucker is heavy for sure. Good job installing the blinds that I have also sworn to never purchase. Happy that you got to hang out with E&K, J&E are visiting us right now. Its so fun that we're all friends. Love ya!