Goodbye Netflix.

After three years of a streaming subscription, we have decided to nix netflix. We have thoroughly exhausted everything good on it, and have spent entirely too long watching it. With the weather getting nicer we want to spend our time outside, and with our digital antenna we get like 10 channels, and we still watch too much!
But with the subscription totally ending on the 5th, I've been thinking about my favorites that I've found on Netflix over the years, and wanted to document. So here's the top 10!
These are both shows I've started on netflix and caught up to the current season to watch, or watched all on netflix. This is also in order of most-loved.
#1: The Office. This has been in our instant queue since we got netflix. We have seen every episode multiple times, and still turn one on at least once a week. Though I can't watch the ones without Michael Scott.
 #2: One Tree Hill. I had watched about 4 seasons before I got Netflix, but finally finished the series last summer.
 #3: Breaking Bad. One that Jared and I are obsessed with together. Can't wait for the last season this year!!
 #4: Grey's Anatomy. Still haven't missed an episode.

#5: Vampire Diaries. I almost gave up this season, but caught up last week and am totally re-obsessed.
 #6: How I Met Your Mother. We caught up about last year, and only occasionally still watch it. I just want to know who his wife is!!
#7: Friday Night Lights. Just finished last week. I loved it! I was sad there were only 5 seasons.
 #8: Downton Abbey. In. Love. When I started it on Netflix there was only the one season, and the first season was pretty boring, but it was enough to keep me interested and now I am having withdraws without it. 
#9: Parks and Rec. We haven't kept up with this one past Netflix, but it is so funny, I love Ron Swanson.
#10: Supernatural. This is another one we had to stop watching after we finished on Netflix, but it was so fun to watch with Jared, and it reminds us of the time we graduated, since we were just starting it around that time.

And here's to less tv in my life! There really isn't much else good on! Oh except Parenthood, which is on Netflix, but I've watched that from the very beginning.
Last word: Lost is probably tied for my all time favorite show (With Gilmore Girls, of course). If you're willing to commit to 7 long and sometimes confusing seasons, it is so worth it, and that is on Netflix too, but I watched that long before any subscription.

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