The past two weeks have been crazy busy! Last week at work one of our teachers left unexpectedly, and we have had to scramble to cover her classroom. The poor 3-year-olds have had multiple different teachers a day while we each rotate in to cover, and I have spent about 4 full days in there plus other smaller shifts here and there and really have developed a love for the kids. The day after their teacher left, my sweet bosses actually offered me the opportunity to be the full time teacher in that classroom. This would have been a big change! On one hand I would love to do more "preschool" and curriculum development, and teach, but on the other hand...10 3-year-olds every day is exhausting! and I sure love my babies...
So after a lot of thought, discussion with Jared, and prayer, I decided to stay where I am. I am so blessed to have a job that I really love, and that is so rewarding, regardless of the age group I work with (No joke, I heard "I love you Ms. Shannon" about 10 times a day in the 3-year-old class, melt my heart!) and I was go grateful for the offer and opportunity, but I can't leave those babies. I think the 3-year-olds need some new blood, and someone with new ideas to come in and do a great job. So their new teacher starts next week and I'm excited for things to calm down, and to meet someone new!
Since this has happened though, I've had a renewed appreciation for my job. I work with so many wonderful women, and learn so much from them. I laugh so many times a day, yes because I have hi-larious coworkers, but mostly because the awesome kiddos I spend my days with. Now that I've been there 6 months, I know just about all the kids in the center, and I've seen them all grow! Mostly my babies, though. The main group of them who couldn't even sit up when I started, are walking and starting to talk, and it is really amazing to see. We are signing with them, and teaching them, and it is just the coolest thing. I have an awesome partner in the head teacher Moriah, and we have so much fun together taking care of those little ones.
So even though I never expected to be working in child care after college, I am so thankful for a job I don't hate, and more grateful that it's a job I absolutely adore. I think very few people can say they absolutely love their jobs, but I really love mine!
It's a place where happiness and love should thrive! Such a great expectation for my workplace =]

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