There's Somethin Women Like about a Pickup Man...

We did it! We got another car! Hallelujah! No more waking up at 6 am even if I don't work until 1 to drive my sweetheart to work. Though I loved that time we spent together...I can't say I'm too sorry to lose it =]. Friday night I came home from work with a killer headache and headed straight to sleep for about an hour and a half, and at 6:30 Jared woke me up and said "let's go look for trucks!" So we braved the freezing wind to walk around some dealerships. The salesmen were not impressed when we told them our price ranges, and one dealership even turned us away, stating that they didn't carry any inventory for less than $18,000 (ya right.) But we pulled up to the Nissan dealership, and I saw THE truck and said "oh sweet look at that Frontier, that's exactly what we want!". Three seconds later we walked in, told a salesperson our price and what we were looking for, and he said "I have the perfect truck for you" and walked right out to the truck I had just mentioned!
Long story short, we got it, and now I know why it always took mom and dad FOREVER to get a car every time they got one. We didn't get home until 11:15, but we drove home with our new baby.
So the stats:
2000 Nissan Frontier
95,000 miles
Crew cab
3.3L engine
Brush guard, roof rack, bed extender, camper topper, and tow package all included.

Then yesterday we took it out shooting with Chelsey and Ross, and used it a little off road. After shooting we went to Five guys for lunch and walked around Cabellas (only after holding the puppies outside of it, as per mine and Chelsey's requests...).
When we got home from our double date, Jared and I were perusing Craigslist and I pointed out an ad for "free sod" that had been posted about 10 minutes prior. We hurried and called the lady, and were the first ones! She had a ton of free sod, so we drove the 30 minutes to Eagle, and loaded up the truck. First day of ownership and that truck was put to great use! Side story: After about 30 minutes of rolling and loading sod in our truck, this couple shows up in a van with a handicap sticker on it. The lady gets out, looks at Jared and says "Uh...we are here for the sod". Jared smiles and says "Well go get some!" These people were so peeved we were there before them, and they only had a minivan. There was more than enough for both of us, the lady giving the sod away had a HUGE yard, but these people acted like they were entitled to this totally generous lady's sod. As we were packing up, the woman who was mad looks at me and says "You're losing some" and points to a piece of sod I had dropped, then she rolls her eyes. I gave her the sweetest smile I could and said "Thank you! I rolled a bunch of other pieces that won't fit, you are free to take those!" Grrr. Why can't people just be grateful!? I am totally sending that sweet lady a thank-you note, she saved us probably $250!
Anyway, we got home and unloaded the first load, and laid it out (in the 25 degree FREEZE at 9:30 at night), and it was about half the yard, she said if we needed more to come back, so we headed back this morning and got enough to finish, luckily the other people weren't coming later, so we could pick and chose the pieces we wanted. Then with that, I am so excited to present our first "in progress" picture of our backyard, with our semi-patchwork-quilt-looking sod It will all fill in a few weeks!) that we got absolutely FREE!! It doesn't look like a lot, but that is two huge truck loads and about 7 hours just installing it in our yard. That was the easy part of the backyard though...more projects next week!

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  1. THe yard is looking good! Doug just did all of that on our yard last year. So let us know if you need some help!!