Befores and afters

Oh what a week. We are both burnt out, and sure ready for summer. Today and yesterday were both 60 degrees and sunny, it's been wonderful! I hope we are d-u-n with snow this year.
Last night Jared graciously took me shopping at the mall, and we went to the Cheesecake factory, one of my favorite places. Well long story short, my waitress couldn't get my order right and after sending it back twice I ended up filling up on fries, lame. But I got my not-right meal, and a slice of delectable white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake for free! Yum!
This morning we got to go to the dentist. I hate the dentist, but I haven't been in 3 years! Jared's new job has given us awesome dental, so we went, and it was terrible, but I am so grateful, and no cavities! 
Then after (more) shopping, I ended up at target to try to solve one of my organization headaches; my bathroom shelves. (See this post for more invigorating details...) I had $70 worth of black plastic baskets in my cart and thought "No way am I spending this much just to put stuff in!" So I took it all out (and unceremoniously threw everything back on the shelves...) and headed to the dollar tree, and spent $13 on 15 baskets, then spent the afternoon organizing

So happy. I love the colors, and I feel so much less stressed when I walk through the bathroom now.
Oh and two weekends ago I did these things: 
A wall gallery on the wall opposite the kitchen

 Got a poster-size print from our wedding. Finally picked one I loved enough to make 20x30!
 Made some yarn-wrapped letters for our nightstands. Stay tuned for a big bedroom redo in the near future!
Oh and earlier this week I did (well...a hairdresser did...) this to my hair! I love it!
Happy March!

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