We have a pretty wonderful kind of life here in the Thomas house, and I have had a week of extreme gratitude towards my Heavenly Father for our countless blessings. We really are "living the dream".
A couple weeks ago we were able to watch the Superbowl at our own house! We've never had tv before (and even now...just an antenna!) but we rearranged the living room to get the antenna to pick up CBS and got to watch the whole, pretty boring thing. I made pizza rolls and Tex-Mex dip and Muddy Buddies and peanut butter bars and the whole thing was so fun. Also I ended up loving our living room arrangement so we kept it that way!
Then, as a couple of you saw, this last week we got a beautiful Piano! It is a black 2003 Kranich & Bach and I am madly in love with it. We scored a smokin deal and paid $300 for it! So here is how my new front room looks, ahhh.

We are busy working all day every day, (except for the few rare mornings I get off...love those!) Jared learns more and more every day he goes to his semi-new job, and I think he is so great they should promote him to CFO right now.
Last weekend we went out for lunch at Cafe Rio and afterward there were about 5 cars in the parking lot with trunks open full of PUPPIES! So we each held a few chubby lab puppies (the youngest were 5 weeks...!) They were so cute I thought I would die...but I was so glad I could give them back and walk away...no puppies chewing through all our stuff here, one dog is definitely plenty...for now.

We are happy, and love our calling as the CTR 5 teachers, the kiddos crack us up.
Oh and lastly, I am super grateful for this...
the weather forecast for Boise this week. Hallelujiah.

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