Shannon Transformed

I've been debating about writing about this for a little while. I'm always afraid someone will see my "after" picture and think "Man she still has a ways to go..." but go ahead and think it people, because today is a good day. Here is a quote from a post I did on my cooking blog about a year ago...
"After high school and entering college, within the space of 3 years I got married, got pregnant, miscarried, and graduated. All of these stressful, and sometimes painful, events led to even worse unhealthy eating habits, and *cringe*...weight gain."
When I wrote that I was 167 pounds. *cringe cringe cringe*. Let's look at how un-awesome that weight looks on me...
Now. 8 months later. I have lost 20 pounds! I'm now 147! I have about 5 more to lose before I'm the weight I was when we got married. It was slow going, but I did it! I'm not done...I'd like to lose another 10, and I'm on my way! So here are some pictures of me today, in the same couple outfits as the *shudder* before pictures.


No more fat face!
So how did I do it? No diets, no excessive workout regiment. No counting calories. Just common sense.
I essentially stopped baking. I haven't given it up (especially with my gorgeous acquisition of my kitchen aid) but no more making treats every other day, now I'm done to about every other week, because I love baking so much.That played a huge role. Because I would eat entire pans of goodies in just a few days...hey I can't help it that I make such good stuff... ;)
No fast food. I can count the amount of times I've had fast food in the past 7 months on one hand (most of them were when we were traveling). We still go out to eat, something I love to do, and I get what I want, but we go to sit down places, and because those places cost more, we eat out less. Eating fast food means wasting calories on nasty bad-quality meat that makes you feel sick after you eat it, and it is just not worth the guilt, and more, the pounds.
Severely limit soda. Not that I had a big problem with this before, but I make it an even rarer occurrence now. That stuff is all poison!
Portion control. That's probably the hardest one. I know how to stuff my face, and thoroughly enjoy doing so. So, instead of loading up my plate, and just fill it to a small/reasonable amount. I don't restrict myself on getting seconds, or thirds, but I eat what's on my plate, and get more if I'm still hungry. This trick totally works! I notice when I get full, because I'm not worried about cleaning my plate, and I don't let myself go hungry, because not only is that miserable, but it doesn't work.
Things I've eaten and know help in the weight-loss process:
Oatmeal. One of those instant packets for breakfast fills me up for a while. I get the kind with the least amount of sugar (and no sweeteners...poison!) and just use water. They are so yummy. Plus they have a ton of fiber, anything with fiber helps so so so much.
Atkins RTD shakes: I know it sounds silly, and I in no way was on the atkins diet, but these are so yummy, they don't have a lot of sugar, and they fill me up when I drink them for breakfast. Tons of fiber and protein, and totally delish.
Almond Milk: As some of you know, I've had chronic sinus problems my whole life. Something I've recently changed is my dairy intake to try to help this problem. I really limit dairy milk to try to help with this sickness, and I've changed over to almond milk, and noticed a difference in my weight too! It is totally delicious,  you can get it unsweetened, and it's creamy like milk. I will still cook with dairy milk, but I only drink almond.
I really didn't have any other hard and fast rules. I don't work out every day, I know I need to implement that in order to tighten and tone, but up until now I was more worried about the weight itself. The only thing I really up-ed was the amount of time on my feet. Standing, walking, strolling, you burn so much more if you are just off the couch.
I eat pretty much what I want, but over the past 7 months my wants have changed a little.
Yes, last week, I bought (and ate) a medium bag of peanut butter M&M's. I ate chips and dip for the superbowl, and I still eat and lot of cheese (I need to work on that). But I really notice a difference when I eat the junk vs. eating salads and other whole foods. It slows me down, and makes me almost groggy. I still love to eat those foods, but to realize the difference goes a long way.
Oh also, especially women, expect to yo-yo. I can experience up to a 5 pound weight swing every day. The trick is to not think you've gained the weight back and give up. Just expect it! Water, food, salt, and exercise for the day can all affect that number on the scale, but pay attention to how you look, that is what matters!
I'm so happy. I've never been able to lose weight before, I've always just given up. I still struggle every day, and freak out when the scale creeps up to 152 (it happens...) But this post is for me, and anyone else to look at and say hey, I can do that, just a little at a time.


  1. I always thought you were gorgeous but Congrats for being healthier and happier :)

  2. Way to go girl. You did it smart and it worked! What a great accomplishment and feeling.

  3. Way to go Shannon! I am on this same journey myself! Keep up the good work girl. You're beautiful!

  4. You look amazing!!! Good job!!