Oscar Party

Last Monday morning, I was listening to the Wild 101 morning show on the radio, like I do every morning, on my way home from taking Jared to work. 
They announced a new event they were doing that Sunday (two days ago now), where they were giving away 8 invites through the week for an exclusive Oscar Party at this nice restaurant, and each guest (and the person they brought) got a swag bag filled with $500 worth of stuff. 
I don't make it a habit of calling in to the radio stations (ain't nobody got time fo dat...) but the prizes sounded cool and I thought I'd try. 
After a couple calls getting the busy signal it rang, they asked for my name, and they put me on hold. A second later they picked up and said "we already have our caller 9, but their phone is losing signal so we might have to find someone else...stay on the line!" Then 30 seconds later they picked up and it was the morning show hosts saying I won! Woo hoo! I was really excited because I already planned on watching the Oscars, and we had watched almost all the movies up for best picture, and this would be so fun! Plus the bag of prizes...that was the real reason I wanted to win!
So Sunday night we got all fancy and headed to "Ling & Louis", and Asian restaurant. They had a room in the back with a tv set up, and we gathered with the rest of the 8 winners and their guests. 
Long story short, the radio station paid for everyone's champagne and wine, so in about 2 1/2 minutes after everyone got there, everyone was drunk, well except for the two young Mormons trying to watch the Oscars....
It was a cool experience, and the free 3 course dinner from the restaurant was awesome, I was kind of bummed, all the drunk people were so loud the whole time it was really hard to hear the Oscars, and I was especially annoyed when the entire cast of Les Miserables came on stage to perform, not only could I not hear the amazing song (we looked it up later) but one of the uncultured drunk men, who had previously stated "If Jason Statham isn't in it...I haven't seen it" (tool), commented "Who's he!?" when Ann Hathaway with her short hair came on stage. I could have punched him, she shaved her hair off with a blunt razor on CAMERA and isn't vain enough to get hair extensions, and he acted like a pig. We left shortly after that....
But it was cool to meet the morning show hosts Rick and Edina, and of course our bags are awesome, and we were able to leave around 8, and finish watching the awards at home. 
Here is a video the station did of the event...Notice ours are the only empty cups...haha
and some other pictures. I hate this one of me...but Jared looks so handsome! All the other men who were told to dress "Fancy" showed up in jeans. I'm so glad I have someone classy.
 Give me the food...

 And in this last one... we are on our way out and looking thoroughly annoyed at the drunken-ness.
But here's the good stuff....and note we got two of everything because we each got a bag...

 Aveda Hair products. Certificates for us and 6 guests to go to a wine tasting...That will make a good gift to one of our non-lds friends!
 Blue workout tanktop from Bodybuilding.com
 Sephora makeup. Free spray tan

 Free Massage. Travel mug, gift-card and coffee from the human bean (more non-lds gifts haha)

  Free manicure. Free workout classes
 Wild 101 stuff. $20 to a hair salon
 50% off for any proof eyeware. And our Oscars.

The night was fun, but I think I prefer cuddling on the couch... =]

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