My Valentine

I love Valentine's Day. I love the celebration of the one you love, and I also love that we got engaged on Valentine's day! Growing up, my Dad used to come to all of my school Valentine's day parties, and that always meant so much to me, maybe that's why, at an early age, I grew to love this holiday so much.
This year, however, I got a whole new perspective. As a teacher, I got to watch kids run around to classrooms giving friends, and various teachers Valentine's. I was overjoyed as kids from classes I have done a little teaching in ran into my little baby room with hand-made Valentine's and hugs for me. One little 4-year old even had his mom type up "You're So Pretty!" Melt my heart!
My coworkers and I all did a Valentine swap as well, and it was so nice to read kind words and appreciate each other. That's what I really feel like Valentine's day is all about, appreciating those you care for!
My sweet Valentine sent me a lily & iris bouquet to work, and I was so surprised! It came with delicious Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolates too. I got Jared the Mumford & Sons CD and Skyfall on Blu-ray. Then for dinner we went to the coolest restaurant, Barbacoa.

We went there last year for our anniversary and had to go again. The food is awesome, the decor is all one of a kind, and everything is for sale, it is really the coolest restaurant I've ever been to.
We both ate goat cheese & lamb enchilladas (the same thing I got last year...so good!) Our appetizer was table-side guacamole. This super talented guy comes up to your table with a cart, and whips up the most delicious guacamole right in front of you....it is so good!
Then for dessert we got a fried ice-cream lollipop tree. Disregard my ridiculous blurry face, and look at that cool tree!
  Haha, the bill comes in an envelope that says "The Damage"

I'm so grateful for the love my husband shows me every day, and I'm grateful for an opportunity to really ponder that. I was so blessed to have him get down on one knee three years ago. I'm quite a lucky girl!

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