Jared Turns 25

Last Wednesday was Jared's 25th birthday. A whole quarter of a century old! On the actual day we had Ross and Chelsey (so excited they are in Boise!!) over. I made the famous Cafe-Rio dinner, and we had yummy chocolate cake for dessert.
please ignore my garment shot...haha
Jared explaining why he only has 1 candle (because like the bad wife I am, I forgot to get birthday candles!)
Then last weekend, in my Shannon-y fashion, I secretly booked us an overnight stay at a hotel downtown, and surprised Jared by pulling into the parking lot instead of taking the freeway home Friday night. Jared got to pick between The Cheesecake Factory and Happy Fish for dinner, and of course he picked the sushi.
It was a totally relaxing weekend, and I wish we could get away for real. The stress of our go-go-go lives is taking its' toll. For the record, going on a vacation over Summer is good, but I think the best vacation ever would be during January or February, just to give some excitement to the freezing doldrums after Christmas. We head to work when it's dark, and drive home when it's dark, it is weird to see the sun on days I get off early!
Speaking of freezing, it's been freezing here, today was the first day over 20 degrees we've had in two weeks! But we woke up to a literal ice rink all over Boise. I saw two accidents happen today! And like a responsible driver, I took pictures...but only of one.
Nothing new here though. We are still loving the house, but right now mostly the garage. Not scraping our windshield in the morning is one of the best things in the world. Oh and Lily has taken to draping her blanket over herself every time she sees me in a blanket, and it cracks me up every time.

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