Our Crazy Life! (and video tour of the house!)

Hello! It feels good to be blogging! We sure have had a whirlwind over the last 2 months.
First and foremost, we are in the house! Woo hoo!! We sold our lease to our apartment, hallelujah, so we were able to close super quick on the house. Getting a mortgage really sucks, let me tell you, but it is worth it! So right off the bat...here is the video tour of our new house.
Disclaimer, I filmed on my phone, which led to super annoying black bars on the sides of the video, I am sorry! Also, as usual I sound ridiculous on the video, so feel free to mute...

With both of us working full time jobs, and carpooling, and moving and changing wards, and Thanksgiving, it has been nuts!
Jobs are going well. I adore being a teacher, and I've had the opportunity to move into all of the classes, and work with the older kids. My favorites are the 4 year olds and I hope to someday teach in there! Until then I will continue to "teach" (aka make really cute bulletin boards and create a lot of foot/hand prints) the little babies, who I love!
We went to Colorado for Thanksgiving, and though it was a quick trip, it was great to see the Bunch family, and spend time with my parents and siblings. Nicole and I went Black Friday shopping, from 7pm Thursday night to 6am Friday morning. It was an experience. My smokin deal was all the Harry Potter DVDs for 14.95. Then we went to Victoria's Secret because if you spent $65 you got this really cute tote filled with beauty stuff, and it was a nightmare. Hundreds of psycho girls, trampling, pushing, screaming, climbing on counters and throwing yoga pants, I literally thought I was going to die. BUT I got my tote and my beauty stuff and made it out alive, barely.
We just went to our second Sunday in our new ward, and it will take some adjusting. We are definitely the youngest couple in the ward, and there might be one other couple without kids. But we asked for it, we moved to a family neighborhood so we are sure getting a family ward! People have been kind and welcoming, so it will be fun to meet new people and get used to that.
So here are some pictures from the last few months. I will be much better about posting now that I finally got that video up.
We are headed to North Carolina for a Very Thomas Christmas next week and we are super excited!!
 Halloween at work
 Our Witch's brew for Halloween
 Boise State game with Ross & Chelsey in November

 Lily's First Snow
 Christmas Downtown