Teaching & House Hunting.

What a fantastic past few weeks we have had!
2 Days after we got home from our cruise, I was once again despondently searching for jobs online. Though just the day before I vowed I would never look on Craigslist again, I did it, and I found an ad for an infant teacher in a daycare, and just like the bajillions of other applications I sent and email and attached my resume.
Two hours later I got an email back, and when it wasn't a scam (like 99.999% of every other job on Craigslist) I allowed myself to be a little excited. The lady said I looked like the perfect candidate and she wanted me to come into the daycare to fill out an extended application and to meet me.
So happily I found that the daycare is barely 10 minutes from our house, went in, and the director was very busy, but she said once she looked at my application and it looked good she would call me to set up an interview.
She called me 3 minutes after I left and set up an interview for the next day, where she offered me the full time teacher position in the infant room.
BUT it gets better. The head teacher in the infant room has been working there 6 years, and it just so happens that she put in her 2 weeks just as I started, making me the senior teacher, which means the infant class is now "Ms Shannon's Class", it's my classroom, and I'll be the head teacher! What a wonderful blessing this job has been, plus I absolutely adore it, though this week all the babies have been sick, which of course lead to all the teachers getting sick, including me.
I am so grateful for this opportunity, and to be able to work with such wonderful little ones every day!
Also, Jared and I finally took the plunge into Iphone-dom, and we are so happy! My Iphone 4s and my case that I'm in love with were two pre-birthday presents cuz...oh ya, my birthday's on Saturday!

Then this past weekend Skyler was able to come out and see us. We haven't seen him in like 6 months and have been missing him like crazy! We just hung out like the good old days when he lived with us.

Then Sunday night we went to Jared's 2nd Cousin Tara's house for dinner, and we celebrated a bunch of birthdays and Great aunt and uncle Jean and Loy getting their mission call to the family history center in Salt Lake!

Annndd for the other part of my title. We are house hunting...like for a real house. Our lease is up in December, and rates are SO stinking low right now, renting is such a waste! So we have been researching and finding houses we like, and we've seen a few houses with our realtor so far. We LOVE one that we saw last night, but we are taking the process slow so we can make the right decision, and it is so nice not to have to do it on a time crunch. We are so excited to have a place to call our own, with lots of space and lots of bedrooms and of course, top of my list, is a gorgeous kitchen. This means moving again in the next month or two, but I love change, and I am excited to move somewhere more permanent than living lease to lease.
We'll be sure to keep you updated on that, it is a fun and exciting and scary process! But we are so ready for a house!

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  1. Sweet, welcome to the Iphone club you will never go back!!!!! Good luck with the house hunting I know you will find something great!