Ross & Chelsey & Batman.

A few weekends ago our wonderful friends Ross and Chelsey came out to Boise to visit Ross' family, and they invited us out boating while they were here. We headed up to Lucky Peak, and spent all day on the boat. We had a blast!
We miss our friends so much, and it was so great spending time with them.

 Then last weekend we went up to Lake Cascade with Jared's second cousins Tara and Jason, and their family. We camped and spent some time at the lake, and ate great food.
We went and saw Batman, even amongst all that shooting craziness, which by the way happened just a little ways from my parents' house, so scary! We loved it though, we even watched the first two before we went. I totally recommend it.
Jared is doing great at work, and has acquired a few clients in the past week. Woo hoo!
I am searching and searching for a new job, and I had an interview yesterday for a receptionist position at the planet fitness right down the street. I'd have the 4:40 a.m. shift, but would get paid more than the other receptionists, and deal more with the computer and coordination work, rather than greeting gym members. I should hear back by next week, so pray, and cross your fingers and toes!
I'm staying busy though. I've been sewing and crafting and cleaning up a storm, and my Young Women's calling is going great. Luckily Boise has cooled down, so we have been doing a ton outside.
Next up, in two weeks we have Kaytlin and Ethan's wedding in Salt Lake, and I am taking care of the catering for the Thomas dinner the night before the wedding. It's a big task, but I am so excited to finally put some of my schooling to good use (and by good use I mean destressing my wonderful Mother-in-law, at least a tiny bit =] ).
We love you all, and I'll keep you updated on the job! meanwhile, I'll keep lookin...
p.s. Lily is still darling...if you were wondering.


  1. The boating looks like such fun. I haven't been able to do ANY this year, at all, and I miss it!

    I was at your Chefwife blog, and decided to just take a look at your 'regular' one :) You're such a cute couple!

  2. Hi Shannon,

    Just wanted to drop by and say "HI."
    I planned on staying for just a sec, but your blog is fantastic!
    I pinned the Marjorie Hinckley pic....loved the quote.....and Yes I'm LDS.
    Thanks again for dropping by my baking blog:

    Thanks again,