A very Thomas Weekend

Let me start out by saying congratulations to my Brother-in-law and brand new sister-in-law Ethan and Kaytlin Thomas. It was a pleasure to be a part of the big day, and everything was absolutely beautiful.
Last week was crazy. I spent all day Tuesday prepping food for the "Thomas dinner" the night before the wedding, that I was catering. Wednesday, Jared's dad Dwayne flew into Boise, and after a scam of a job interview, (when the job description is called an "Accounts manager" for a marketing firm, and you are actually knocking doors selling internet, that's a scam grr...) we headed down to Salt Lake.
When we got there Wednesday night spent time with the family, which was so great. I haven't spent time with my siblings-in-law since Christmas of 2010. Thursday we all went to Cafe Rio for lunch, spent a lot more time talking and catching up, then finished putting the dinner together. Everyone showed up for the dinner at 5:30, and I think the food was a hit! There were kabobs and pasta salad and baked potatoes and some really good punch, then cookies and ice cream for dessert. Plus, everyone was able to visit and that is what I love about cooking, how food brings loved ones together.
Then Friday, the big day, we all got ready and took off for the Salt Lake Temple. This is the 2nd sealing I've been to there. The first one, there were 62 other weddings that day. On Friday, there were 80 weddings. Even among all the chaos though, the temple was beautiful, and the sealing was the most beautiful I've been to. The bride and groom were gorgeous, and I loved sitting with our Thomas family.

That afternoon we had a delicious luncheon in the Joseph Smith Memorial building, where Kaytlin's siblings sang this song they wrote just for her, it made everyone cry, and was so sweet.
That night we basically all crashed, we were all so exhausted then Saturday morning, Jared's parents and Jared and I came back up to Boise, where as soon as we got here, we left for Kaytlin's family's reception in Payette, ID. That reception turned out great, Kaytlin made all the food, amazing girl, and it was so good, and the weather was perfect.
Dwayne flew out Sunday, and Sarah went back down to Salt Lake with Kaytlin and Ethan on Monday. This was such a cool experience, to go to a family member's wedding, a first of many for me I hope!
I am so blessed to have such wonderful in-laws, I am so grateful for all of them, and wish we lived closer.
As for life in Boise, still job searching, but hey at least we are going on a cruise next Saturday...woo hoo!


Ross & Chelsey & Batman.

A few weekends ago our wonderful friends Ross and Chelsey came out to Boise to visit Ross' family, and they invited us out boating while they were here. We headed up to Lucky Peak, and spent all day on the boat. We had a blast!
We miss our friends so much, and it was so great spending time with them.

 Then last weekend we went up to Lake Cascade with Jared's second cousins Tara and Jason, and their family. We camped and spent some time at the lake, and ate great food.
We went and saw Batman, even amongst all that shooting craziness, which by the way happened just a little ways from my parents' house, so scary! We loved it though, we even watched the first two before we went. I totally recommend it.
Jared is doing great at work, and has acquired a few clients in the past week. Woo hoo!
I am searching and searching for a new job, and I had an interview yesterday for a receptionist position at the planet fitness right down the street. I'd have the 4:40 a.m. shift, but would get paid more than the other receptionists, and deal more with the computer and coordination work, rather than greeting gym members. I should hear back by next week, so pray, and cross your fingers and toes!
I'm staying busy though. I've been sewing and crafting and cleaning up a storm, and my Young Women's calling is going great. Luckily Boise has cooled down, so we have been doing a ton outside.
Next up, in two weeks we have Kaytlin and Ethan's wedding in Salt Lake, and I am taking care of the catering for the Thomas dinner the night before the wedding. It's a big task, but I am so excited to finally put some of my schooling to good use (and by good use I mean destressing my wonderful Mother-in-law, at least a tiny bit =] ).
We love you all, and I'll keep you updated on the job! meanwhile, I'll keep lookin...
p.s. Lily is still darling...if you were wondering.