So much fun, so little time

Ok Boise is amazing. We have had a crazy busy couple of weeks just having a ton of fun!
Jared's sister Mariah and her boyfriend Jonny came out to visit us from Rexburg. We had so much fun with them. We went to the Farmer's market in downtown Boise on Saturday morning, then headed up to table Rock to show off the city to the visitors. That night we went out to dinner.
The farmer's market was absolutely amazing. They block off like 4 blocks of downtown and set up over 100 booths and a ton of people come out to walk around and buy home grown produce and other specialty stuff. I love it there!

We loved having Mariah and Jonny here and an awesome time!
Last weekend Jared and I watched this documentary on Netflix called "Fat, sick, and nearly dead". It was so good, and totally turned us on to juicing. We are convinced it can change our lives! So we woke up Saturday morning and got a juicer, then went to Costco and went crazy on the produce. We have been juicing all week and I am amazed how good it is!
Our friends David and Vicky, from BYU-Idaho moved out here a couple weeks ago, and David actually ended up getting a job at Jared's company, and they moved into our apartment complex! We have been having a ton of fun with them, and we went camping with them this past weekend. We are so lucky to have mountains so close to us, it takes us 20 minutes from our house to drive up to Bogus Basin, a ski resort right outside of Boise. We found a secluded camping plot and spent Friday night there. Vicky was so nice and made us all tin foil dinners, that were totally delicious, then we hiked up a little to the clearing and saw all of Boise, it was absolutely beautiful. I've never seen anything like that view! Lily absolutely loved camping. She is such a good puppy, she stayed right with us, but loved to explore and she totally wore herself out.

In other news, I was just called as the 1st counselor in the Young Women's in our ward, and I could not be more excited! We love our ward here, and it is seriously a dream come true for me to be with the girls. I get to go to youth group every week, and this week is a bike ride down the greenbelt. I have the coolest calling!
Work is going good, this week Jared and I are staying with the 3 kids while my boss and her husband go out of town. So we get to be full time parents, and stay in a nice house, and do a ton of fun things with the kids.
So we are just living the dream, keeping busy, and loving every second of it. There is so much to do and explore here, it has really become our home.


New Stuff!

Ok here is my new walk-through, as promised. I know this might be lame, but we got so much cool stuff this week, and I feel like our home has been pretty transformed. For the first time I don't feel like a poor college student, and we didn't even pay for any of this stuff!
Pardon the dumb commentary, I'm just so excited!