Our date nights

Since we've moved to Boise Jared and I have been sticking to a pretty regular routine.
Jared gets home at 5:30 every night, and I have dinner waiting for him.
If it's Monday, we then have Family Home Evening. If it's Tues, Wed, or Thurs, we sit and talk, maybe watch a Supernatural or two, and then go on our long walks with little Lily.
If it's a Friday, we go on a date! Since we've been married we haven't been very good on going on scheduled, planned dates, but we really wanted to get into the habit. So Fridays (or Saturdays, depending on the week) we switch off on taking each other on dates. They aren't always dates that cost money, and it's whatever the planner wants to do.
SO I just added a button over here --------->
called "Dating our way through Boise" and if you click on it you can get a little summary of our dates. I wanted to do this to keep track of our fun dates, and maybe give others some ideas!
Other than that not much is going on. I am waiting to hear back on my personal assistant job. I went and spent a day working for her yesterday, and I should hear tonight or tomorrow. If I get it (which I am hopeful!!) I'll be working 45 hours a week and it would be an amazing opportunity.
Stay tuned!

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