2 Year Anniversary

Though our actual anniversary isn't until Tuesday, we celebrated yesterday, and this year it was my turn to surprise!
I told Jared we were going to the gym (haha...lame-o) so we got dressed in work out clothes, and I drove him down towards my gym, but took a left instead, and pulled into "Serenity Retreat Spa". Jared laughed and said "But I'm not bathed enough for a spa!"
I had gotten us this Romantic package or something. So we got 60 minutes in the spa room. There was a hot tub and a sauna and a "cool bed" with this gel in it to lay on if you got too hot, and a rain shower. Then, after the spa room, we got a 60 minute couples massage! This was my first massage ever, and let me tell ya, it will now be a regular occurrence in the life of Shannon Thomas.
Then that night for dinner I made reservations at this place called Barbacoa.
Here are a few pictures from the internet that I found, because once again, when it comes to important life events, I forgot the camera at home.
They call this the "wine cave" The archway has wine around the whole thing!
The place was absolutely huge, outside there were all these torches, and it was right on the river. We were seated in a smaller room and the doors were like old castle door. These pictures don't even give it justice!
And here is a picture of Jared's entree. I know it's blurry. My free cell phone's camera is just super high quality.
He got the "Pigs can fly". A huge pork chop with apples and fig jelly, and on that black cast iron thing? His own quail.
I got a lamb and goat cheese enchilada that was one of the best things I have ever eaten in my whole life.
We ended with some Cheesecake fritters with an assortment of dipping sauces. Ahh...so delicious!
This will definitely be somewhere we go again. We loved it! That was the nicest place I have ever eaten!
I can't believe it has been two years. This past year has absolutely flown by, and our lives have changed so much. Still through it all, every night I get to have a sleepover with my best friend in the whole world. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband who is so supportive, and loving and sweet. I am so grateful we treat each other kindly and with so much respect. The best part is going through our life journey together, and seeing where life is taking us! It sure is a whirlwind! and I can't wait to see what the next year brings.  
In other news, both our jobs are going great. Since passing the series 65 exam (hallelujah!) Jared has been contacting potential clients and working super hard.
I just finished my 2nd week of work and I am loving it! It is great because every day I do something different. I get the perks of an 8-5 job, but it's always a new adventure!
I do so many cool things. A lot of times, Collin (my boss) will send me on what I like to call a coupon hunt. She sits me down with all these coupons, and tells me what to buy, and where to buy them. So I go to the stores and buy the things and use the coupons, and get amazing deals. Then we take pictures, and she puts them on her site.
That's right, I get paid to shop!
Plus, because the site has so many affiliates, Collin gets free stuff in the mail all. the. time. And since she already has more than she could ever need, guess who gets a ton of that free stuff? This guy.
Last week she sent me home with at least $400 in beauty supplies. Amazing. I've gotten bags of almond flour and other food, and what she does want, I am free to use whenever!
Oh and here's another "perk". Collin's current personal assistant, Erica, who I have been kind of training with for the past few weeks, leaves this Wednesday. Erica worked for Collin when they both lived back in North Carolina. Well when Collin and her family moved out to Boise, Erica's husband had just deployed for Afghanistan, so Collin asked Erica to move out to Boise with them until he got back. So they found a house for her out here to rent, and furnished the whole thing. Erica's husband gets back, and that's why she is moving back to North Carolina, where she has all of her own furniture, and is leaving her house full of brand new furniture here, with no owner. So who gets a house full of new furniture you ask? Me!! Once we get it all moved in and put up, I am going to do another video walk-through of the apartment and show off all our new stuff, but I am guessing it all is worth between $3000-4000. I'm talking new couch, new bedroom set, new bed, entertainment center. Towels, sheets, kitchen appliances, curtains, rugs, paintings I mean it really is a complete home makeover. This is a huge blessing, and we are still in shock that we get all of this stuff! We get it tomorrow, Jared rented a U-Haul to get everything, and I cannot wait to move it all in! It's like the best Christmas ever!
So that's what's exciting in our lives right now. SO I'll end with a picture of Lily. I moved her "bed" (an old pillow) on top of her crate while I swept the kitchen, well I guess she wanted to lay on it, and when I turned around I saw this. She was looking at me like "This is ok...right?" I love that puppy.

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