New Place in Boise

Here is a video of our new place in Boise! We are loving it! It is warm, and beautiful, and it is a wonderful thing having pretty much every store we could ever need within a 4 mile radius.
The smell of the previous owners' many indoor cats is almost gone (due to my 4 hour scrub fest and an insane amount of glade plug-ins). Bleck. I will never have an indoor cat. Ever ever ever ever ever. Ever.
Jared is taking his Series 65 test right now to get certified for work, and I have been a diligent housewife, cooking and keeping the place spotless!
Unfortunately the job I was previously hired for fell through. The company's biggest client pulled their business, so the company is kind of floundering and couldn't hire me. Though I was, and still am pretty bummed, I am sure I will be able to find something else, and have been applying furiously! I will keep you posted on the job hunt, and on Jared as he starts his career on Monday!
Love you all!

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  1. Cute! It looks a lot like the place we had in Charleston. Memories... Hope you guys are great!