One of my life dreams has come true. I, Shannon Thomas, have a puppy. She is all mine (well, I guess Jared's too...but I'm totally responsible for her!). Her name is Lily (or as I call her, "Lily Bear" because she looks like a little teddy!) She is a yorkie poodle mix, and she weighs a little over 6 pounds, and she won't get any bigger. 
I had been looking on Craigslist for puppies just seeing what was out there, and when I found her, I was sold. She was perfect!
 I'm now going to list all of the great attributes of my dog. Go on, you are allowed to love her too. 
she is 5 months old, so still a baby!
she is already house broken
she is crate trained
we can take her off her leash anywhere and she doesn't even think about running away
because she is part poodle she doesn't shed, and her hair is so so soft.
she doesn't bark
she doesn't chew up anything but her bones
she is the cutest puppy in the world.

Heck Jared even loves her, and that's a big deal, considering he is not an animal person. But she will get on his lap and chew her bone and he will pet her. It's about the most adorable thing ever.
It is so nice to have some company here at home when I am searching for jobs all day. (Which, hopefully this search will end tomorrow after my interview for a fantastic job...I'll keep you updated!!)
So here are pictures and a video of my little puppy, because I am that crazy dog person now.

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