One of my life dreams has come true. I, Shannon Thomas, have a puppy. She is all mine (well, I guess Jared's too...but I'm totally responsible for her!). Her name is Lily (or as I call her, "Lily Bear" because she looks like a little teddy!) She is a yorkie poodle mix, and she weighs a little over 6 pounds, and she won't get any bigger. 
I had been looking on Craigslist for puppies just seeing what was out there, and when I found her, I was sold. She was perfect!
 I'm now going to list all of the great attributes of my dog. Go on, you are allowed to love her too. 
she is 5 months old, so still a baby!
she is already house broken
she is crate trained
we can take her off her leash anywhere and she doesn't even think about running away
because she is part poodle she doesn't shed, and her hair is so so soft.
she doesn't bark
she doesn't chew up anything but her bones
she is the cutest puppy in the world.

Heck Jared even loves her, and that's a big deal, considering he is not an animal person. But she will get on his lap and chew her bone and he will pet her. It's about the most adorable thing ever.
It is so nice to have some company here at home when I am searching for jobs all day. (Which, hopefully this search will end tomorrow after my interview for a fantastic job...I'll keep you updated!!)
So here are pictures and a video of my little puppy, because I am that crazy dog person now.


New Place in Boise

Here is a video of our new place in Boise! We are loving it! It is warm, and beautiful, and it is a wonderful thing having pretty much every store we could ever need within a 4 mile radius.
The smell of the previous owners' many indoor cats is almost gone (due to my 4 hour scrub fest and an insane amount of glade plug-ins). Bleck. I will never have an indoor cat. Ever ever ever ever ever. Ever.
Jared is taking his Series 65 test right now to get certified for work, and I have been a diligent housewife, cooking and keeping the place spotless!
Unfortunately the job I was previously hired for fell through. The company's biggest client pulled their business, so the company is kind of floundering and couldn't hire me. Though I was, and still am pretty bummed, I am sure I will be able to find something else, and have been applying furiously! I will keep you posted on the job hunt, and on Jared as he starts his career on Monday!
Love you all!


College Graduation

 Well it's over! Jared and I have graduated! This won't be a long sappy post, because really I am just still so glad that chapter is over. It was a good run but we are ready to move on, and we are go glad we have!
Graduation was wonderful. My Mom and Dad were able to come out for it and that meant so much to me. Skyler and his girlfriend Mallory also came to the graduation. Jared's parents and a few of his siblings were able to watch the graduation online and that meant so much to me too! That really showed me that they supported and loved us, watching a long boring commencement speech online just for us!
First there was commencement, where President Clarke, the president of the school spoke, then we heard from Russel M. Ballard. They both gave wonderful talks about looking to the future with hope and faith instead of fear. There were some cool stats too. About 1600 people were graduating, and of those, 76 couples were graduating together, and we were one of them!
After commencement we divided into colleges for convocation. I was able to walk with Jared, so we were in the Business and Communication college. We listened to a few student speakers and then we did the walk across the stage to get our empty diploma covers.
After that long ceremony and night, my parents took Me, Jared, Skyler, and Mallory down to Idaho Falls to Red Robin for a celebratory graduation dinner. It was so fun, but we were exhausted by the end of the night.
The best part of graduation (aside from the whole never going to school again thing), was graduating with my husband, my best friend in the world. It was such a cool experience and it was one of the best moments of my life, to walk across that stage with my husband right behind me. I am so grateful for my college experience, for BYU-Idaho and for Rexburg. Say what you will, that place gave me my sweet husband, and my college degree!
So now we are outta there. I'll put up a post probably tomorrow all about Boise and our new place. Let's just say we are so happy!! Woo Hoo!