Paper Chains

Ever since I was little I loved countdowns to big events. This passion involved a LOT of paper chains.
Our family's big vacation to Pismo Beach, California one year, I think we started like 200 days in advance
I think for my 10th or 11th birthday I made a paper chain that was 365 links long, for my next birthday!
Christmases, fieldtrips, off-tracks, I made paper chains all of the time. 
And this was not just a childhood passion. I made a paper chain for my high school graduation, and then again after Jared and I got engaged, for both when we went to North Carolina, and for our Wedding day!
Well my little kid self has sprung forth again, when last night I spent a good hour making a paper chain. 
The technique is much more precise when the 21-year-old me makes paper chains vs. the 6-year-old me (I measured the chains to make sure they were even. I hate when you have those really fat links, they are so ugly!)
Then I wrote the numbers on each of the links that we'll rip off for that day, and the day of the week. 
Now this beauty is hanging in our bedroom, and we start the countdown tonight!
11 days until we pre-move to Boise to go sign our lease and get our keys
32 days until we graduate
35 until we move everything else.

I may be about as mature as a 12-year old, but at least I have so much fun! and the 35-link-long chain seems SOOOO much more promising than the 365 link long one for my birthday. 
We are so close!
Aside from this I have done so many grown up things...such as...
reserve our moving truck
Pay the deposit for our town home
sell our washer and dryer to our apartment owners (score)
schedule shut off dates for both the internet and power
(had to get through that one fast because that may or may not be one of those 12-year-old maturity level things...)
continue to go to school despite my overwhelming desire to not.
Isn't being a grown up fun?

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