Life is absolutely crazy right now! This is the busiest semester I have ever had! I am loving my job as a TA, but that on top of 16 credits is working me to the bone for sure!
This past month has absolutely flown by. I feel like the last time I could relax was when Jared's parents were here! I have class and work every day until 5, and fitting in cooking dinner and doing laundry and cleaning the house and making group meetings and primary presidency meetings (oh ya, I'm the new 2nd counselor and chorister for Primary and nursery, hooray!) and homework and working out I am just exhausted, physically and mentally!
This past week was valentine's day though, (obviously) and my sweetheart took care of me, like always. A couple weeks ago I got my "gift" when Jared said "I know it's early but here's $$ to go shopping. Happy Valentine's day!" Yup, I will take it! Then the day of, I got beautiful flowers (that I got to arrange, that's the most fun!) and we went out to a fabulous sushi dinner at the White Water Grill in Idaho Falls. Then we came home and watched our movie "The Time Traveler's Wife" like we always do on Valentine's day. I can't believe this is the 3rd Valentine's we've been together, and 2 years ago Jared proposed! Life is moving just so fast!
Speaking of life moving fast, Jared has been furiously applying for jobs all over the country, and FINALLY we got an offer. A financial wealth management company in downtown Boise has offered a job to Jared! Wahooooo! Though Boise, ID is definitely not where either of us dreamed of ending up, we are just grateful for a real live career opportunity with a salary and benefits! We haven't said yes yet, because we are waiting to see if we get any more offers, but what's great about Boise is this weekend we are going over there to check out a few apartment complexes, and Jared has a meeting with his potential new boss. There aren't a lot of places we can do that, and it's exciting!
When we got out apartment now, Jared picked it out because I was in Colorado, and even picking one out was really just finding something available. Now we've ended up loving our big, open apartment, but I am so excited about specifically picking out a place to live, and touring empty apartments, and having a choice. This is so fun!
So I will definitely update next week after we get back from Boise, with pictures and more info. Pray for us so we know what to do!

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  1. Congratulations on the job offer! I am so happy for you guys! Life sounds busy, but I am sure it will slow down in a bit! xoxo