Jared turns 24!

What a fun weekend we've had! I am really into birthdays, and making them as special as I can, especially because my sweet husband's birthday is right after Christmas, it's easy for him to be forgotten. So I planned a little getaway for us! We always go to Red Robin for our birthdays, which is in Idaho falls. So Saturday afternoon we headed down to "Red Robin" but took a couple different turns and shocked Jared when we pulled into a very nice hotel called "Le Ritz". He had no idea! I even had a bag stuffed into the back of the car with our clothes and stuff in it. I even upgraded to room to a 2-bedroom suite, complete with a fireplace, 2 bathrooms, and a walk out balcony with a gorgeous view of the Idaho Falls temple! Not that we needed it...we just love living in luxury =]
Then, instead of going to Red Robin we went to a fancy restaurant called the Whitewater Grill and got sushi, and kobe beef and salmon, and the best darn Tuxedo cake I've ever eaten. It was so much fun, I wish we could have stayed there all week!
Then yesterday, Jared's actual birthday we had just a couple people over for dinner and games and dessert. We played this fun game called Ripple that Ethan and his girlfriend Kaytlin introduced us to, then a few introductory games of Texas hold 'em, which we played with "Ticket to Ride" pieces instead of chips...haha.
We had my famous homemade cafe rio sweet pork burritos for dinner, and for dessert Jared picked donuts and chocolate milk over a cake, so that made my life way easier...though I was totally flattered when Kaytlin asked "Shannon did you make those!?" haha
It's crazy to think this is the 3rd set of birthdays we have shared together. Life is so wonderful and we are so happy. Jared got his first "interview" over the phone last week for a job in Miami, we are still waiting to hear back from that, and the seemingly hundreds of jobs Jared has applied for and will continue to apply for!
I am loving my job, and school, I just could not have imagined senioritis being this bad. I cannot wait to be done and out of Rexburg!

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