About 5 years ago my Grandpa Trimble had a terrible heart attack and literally about died.
About 3 years ago my Grandma Bunch's back completely gave out and they were worried about her walking again
This year my Grandpa Bunch was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, or ALC
Last night my Grandma Trimble was diagnosed with Leukemia
The up side? My Grandpa Trimble lived, lost a TON of weight, and is really healthy and thriving
My Grandma Bunch, though with pain, walks and gets around, and is great.
I love my grandparents, and fear for any of their passing, but I know I have been so blessed with great ones who love me!
I love my Grandma Trimble, who will be admitted to the hospital today for at least a month to undergo chemo. Please pray for her, I know she is a fighter!

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