Cafe Dejeuner

For our final for my advanced culinary arts class we decided to open up a gourmet restaurant for a night. Our class of about 22 was divided into teams over soups, salads, appetizers, entree, sorbets, and desserts, and we came together to put on a great meal and feed a bunch of faculty and some of our families.
We had one menu, with two defferent meal options, an "A" and a "B". "A" was pomegranate themed, and "B" was gourd themed, with squash and pumpkin things. So guest would choose which meal they liked, and we had servers bring them all the courses.
I (of course) was on the dessert team, and was totally responsible for making 68 pumpkin cannolis for 34 servings. I spent all day Friday making the dough and the mousse and rolling out the cannolis and frying them, then got to the school yesterday at noon, and didn't leave until 9, so it was a lot of work, but it went great. The president of the school President Clark even came, and I had to make him a special "all-hot" dessert because due to recent surgery he had to have everything heated, so I made him a personal molten lava cake which I was so proud of!
Jared was able to come and sat with another one of the supportive husbands from our class, and he loved the dinner! We are hoping this class will put it on again next semester so I can actually attend not just cook!
This was an awesome experience, and plus, being a final, this particular class is now over! I cannot believe it is December, and we go to Colorado in 2 weeks from today!

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