I cannot believe we are a week into November already! The only reason that matters to me is that we are only 5 WEEKS away from the end of the semester, and one of those is practically all of Thanksgiving!! Not a moment too soon either, we just had our first real snow yesterday, and the 25 degree weather was already too cold. Thank goodness it's held out until now! We don't have huge plans for thanksgiving, basically just going to chill at home. We only have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off, so it's not really worth it to go anywhere. But for Christmas we are going to Colorado! I could not be more excited.
We have had (as usual) a crazy few weeks. October flew by, with really nothing of note. Though for the first time in like 3 years we actually carved pumpkins, and it was so fun!! We will never go another year without carving them. We put on the "Monster Mash" pandora station, and I bought us the cute little tools (that worked great by the way, better than the steak knives mom and dad let us use when we were like 7 hahaha), and our pumpkins turned out great!
For Halloween I made a special pumpkin dinner, and we just watched scary movies, and had a nice couple of hours in, a midst doing hours of work.
We also added a little member to our family. Meet Caviar, our blue and gold goldfish, whom I have kept alive for over a week now!
School is going the same. Though in "Emma's Kitchen" the little cafe me and 11 others run on campus, I was the Head Chef this past week, rather than being the server and cashier. I was so nervous the whole day, because it gets crazy back in that kitchen, but I totally nailed it. It was so fun to see something I was able to do, that was really out of my comfort zone.
Jared is still doing work like 18 out of the 24 hours in a day. I can't wait for this semester and his internship to be over just so I can spend time with my husband again!
Oh and we are doing this 21 day challenge, which I have just posted about in my cooking blog, so head over to desperatechefwife.blogspot.com to see how we are doing with that! It's kind of a trip...

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  1. I tired to post on your other blog but it wasn't working, so I cute and pasted: I don't like you for posting this. I was like "ha! Whatever," but then decided to do it. I have a ton of Halloween candy leftover haunting me, then I made brownies for a dinner I went to...and I haven't eaten any of it. Dang you Shannon, my pants fit better already!! ;p