Being in school is making (has made) me crazy.
Sometimes I feel like every single day is the exact same.
I am always on a terror on Sunday nights because I am so stressed to go to school the next day, and start a new week.
Sometimes I feel so tired I could literally lay in bed all week, doing nothing, and feel awesome about it.
I hate doing things I don't want to do, I guess that's what it comes down to. I know this is a pretty normal phenomenon, shocker right, and my motivation is so close to zero it is amazing I am still going to class... On top of this, I feel like I worry more than the average person, I worry about friends and family, and school and church and money and I don't know if it's a woman thing or a Shannon thing, but it just gets so tiring.
I miss my family, I miss warm weather, I miss not being in school, and mostly I miss spending time with my husband! This semester I have seen him, on average, about 15 minutes a day, and that is right before we go to bed. Things are so busy, it's like I've lost sight of my life! I will just blame that on school, I blame everything else on school!
But in the midst of all my complaints, I am so grateful. Grateful school is almost over, grateful for family, and for Christmas, I have amazing parents who made sure we will get out there, and will have the most relaxing Christmas ever!
Mostly I am grateful for Jared. Though marriage is not all sunshine and rainbows (mostly though =] ), my sweet husband is the light of my life. He does things that take my breath away every day.
Last night I was so grumpy I wouldn't have blamed Jared if he yelled at me, or even just left to get away from me! But even with me snapping, and being a girl, and crying over nothing, he was so sweet and understanding. This morning, he knew I had to wake up early for a presentation, so he woke me up 5 minutes before my alarm with breakfast in bed (and this is an even bigger deal because he absolutely never cooks!) It was so sweet I almost cried. He is so patient, and thoughtful, and even working over 14 hours a day on school and work, he makes time to make me feel special, and loved. I'm so glad for the year and a half (really, the anniversary was yesterday!) we've been together. It will be so awesome to see how our lives change out of school in just a few months!
I apologize for the somewhat rant-y update, but I want to look back and see how much I hated school so I can always remember to appreciate graduating and working crazy hard to achieve my goals. I also want to make sure to leave myself reminders of how absolutely wonderful Jared is

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