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I am in a class called "Food Service Management". This class is all about how to run a restaurant. Along with learning all these things from a book, we actually opened our own restaurant called "Emma's Kitchen" on campus, and we've been open all semester. This is a very interesting class, though I really have no hopes of opening my own restaurant (unless my dream comes true and we open our own bed and breakfast someday), but I have had my fair share of working in restaurants, thank you Red Robin.
But it is still fun, and last week our class took a field trip to Boise. It was so much fun!
This is us all at "falls brand meat company" in Twin Falls.
This part of the field trip was educational...we started at the front where they were packaging hot dogs and sausage and bacon. We moved back to where they were cutting chops and ribs, and back further to where they were cutting the whole half-pig carcasses up into specific parts, and then to the kill floor. Which is, needless to say, exactly what it sounds like. Not only did I hear little piggies squeal their last squeal, I saw them hanging upside down, bleeding out through their jugulars, then watched as they were skinned, gutted, and cut in half. Poor poor piggies.
For lunch (right after this...none of us were too hungry, especially for pork) we went to "9 beans and a burrito" in Twin falls, which was really good, regardless of our previous experience.
We then headed all the way to Boise, to see the Sysco food show, where lots of food vendors were set up giving samples and trying to sell their food. This part would have been a lot more fun if we hadn't just ate our weights at "9 beans and a burrito". It was still fun though, so many cool products!
Then we went over to the "Boise co-op" or more commonly known as the hippy grocery store. They had all organic foods at fantastic prices. I ground my own peanut butter, got some warm, raw honey, and a bunch of other things all for really cheap, this was my favorite place we visited!
That night, after we had checked into our hotel, we went to "Mai Thai" restaurant for dinner. Holy fancy. We had sushi for appetizers, some with eel sauce, and some with veal, and some fried sushi, it was so good! Then awesome thai food for the main course. I LOVE thai food. I have been trying to cook more thai at home, but I have a long ways to go to get this good. There was flaming duck and drunken noodles, and the best curry I have ever eaten! We just ordered a bunch of entrees and ate family style, so we got to eat everything.
After dinner we went to another grocery store where I got some fancy olive oil and balsamic vinegar, then we headed to the hotel, and went to bed, where accidentally, our room only had one bed, all 3 of us girls (Mallory and Kim) slept in one king bed, and guess what, it was super comfy.
The next day we got up and went to a restaurant supply store, then went over to Sysco foods, where we do all our ordering for Emma's kitchen. It was cool just walking around the big warehouse, it was like costco on steroids.
We then headed back home, stopping for lunch in Twin falls again, at "Kiwi's Fish and chips" (so good!) It was a quick field trip but it was so fun, and I loved hanging out with all these fun girls, oh and Brother Hamblin too.
As for a life update, Jared and I both registered for our LAST SEMESTER and we are excited to get going on it! We aren't sure what we are doing for Thanksgiving, just that we are grateful for a break, and then 2 1/2 weeks until Christmas! Woo hoo!

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