Month in review

Literally since the semester started, I have never been so busy in my life, and what I feel like, Jared feels 10 times worse. For example, I had class from 7:45 all the way to 1:30 yesterday, then from 3:15-5:15, however Jared had class all at the same time as me, came home for 10 minutes for lunch, then was at the library until 11:30, then came home and worked on a paper for work until 2 in the morning. This happens allll the time.
So our lives pretty much revolve around school right now, not too exciting, though we still manage to have a ton of fun, when we can squeeze it in
1. The after we went to Boise, we had the opportunity to go down to Salt Lake City to see a session of general conference. I had never been before, and Jared had only been to one session of Priesthood before, so we were both so excited, even if this was the 4th weekend in a row we were out of town.
We went to the Saturday morning session, the one which President Monson came in late with a huge body guard. It was wonderful! One of the things on my bucket list was to be in the same room as the prophet, and when he wasn't there for the first half I was so upset!
We stayed with Jared's sweet Great aunt and uncle, and we were able to have a nice date night on Saturday, but while Jared went to the priesthood session in the conference center, I got 2 whole hours of Hobby Lobby time. It was awesome. I could absolutely live in that store.
We drove home the next day, where we listened to the rest of conference, and with some of the supplies I got from my hobby lobby trip, I created this baby, which I am totally proud of!

2. The Thursday after conference was my 21st birthday! Though the celebration was pretty minor. Jared was crazy busy, and I was crazy busy, we just managed to open presents, go out to Red Robin the next night (of course), and spend a little time together. 
The night of my birthday my brother said he wanted to take me and Jared out. Being crazy, I suggested Applebees (History: I hate applebees, I've gotten food poisoning, and have never had a good experience there). I had really wanted to go to Red Robin but it was BLIZZARDING so we had to stay in town.
We got there, waited 20 minutes, watched the hostesses be completely rude to many customers, finally got a seat, and within 2 minutes our waitress had rolled her eyes at us 3 times, I was so mad!! So even though we had already ordered, we got up and left, it was my birthday for heaven sakes, I wanted to have fun! So we went to good old Frontier Pies, which never lets us down and it was delicious.
3. We have decided to change wards. We have been going to the family ward for a year, and just have never felt very accepted. There was one Sunday in September where we had 4 baby blessings in one day. We had to sit in the very back of the gym, and there were so many crying babies that we didn't hear one word of any of the talks. We then decided we wanted to try out the married student ward.
Since changing over I have made so many friends, and am so happy with the change. We are no longer the only people in the ward without kids, and everyone is our age! I really feel like we made the right choice, and we are excited for our time in the ward (which is now down to about 5 1/2 months...ahhh!!)
6. Yup that's right, we graduate in 5 1/2 months. Just saying. Oh and my trusty Macbook Pro's battery just totally went out on me, so we are figuring out if just one computer is going to cut it for the rest of that time. I am so sad! I love my computer!
7. Last week, from Tuesday to Saturday morning at about 2 am (haha) Jared was on a school expedition to New York City. They went to meet with BYU-I alumni, and also talk to a lot of different companies like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgsan, and Citi Bank. Jared made a lot of connections and networked a lot, but ultimately decided he doesn't want to go to New York, which is fine with me. It's not ruled out, but it jsut takes so much money to live there! He also got to go to Times square and central park, and the New York Stock Exchange, and to China Town, where he got me the cutest purse in the world. I am so proud of him for working so hard to make sure we are taken care of.
8. Well this week and next week are midterms, so it is crazier than usual, but I have 4 credits ending next week, so I will be down to 12 (hahaha) for the rest of the semester, hallelujiah. I can't believe it is half over, but thank goodness, I am ready for it to calm down!
9. Quick funny story I want to remember. A lot of times when I come home and the trash needs to be taken out, I set the bag outside of our front door so one of the boys can take it to the dumpster when they get home. I guess Skyler didn't take it when he got home yesterday, so it was sitting on the porch for a few hours. When Jared got home at like 11:30, he went to pick it up and the whole thing was moving and making noises, he threw it down, and a squirrel shot out of the bag, and scared Jared to death! I just heard the whole thing, from my position on the couch in the living room, but it was hilarious! I am just so glad it didn't shoot into the house....yuck.

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