Great weekend in Utah and Crafting up a Storm

We left this past Friday afternoon to Utah for Labor Day weekend. After a delicious dinner at Panda Express we got to my Bunch Grandparents and hung out with them until my family got there late that night. It was really good to see my grandparents, my sweet Grandpa Bunch was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease (or Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS) recently. ALS basically depletes your motor functions to the point where eventually you cannot move, chew, drink, or breath on your own. As my Grandpa puts it, "Your brain keeps sending the checks, but your muscles don't cash them". Along with that, the ability to regenerate muscle tissue is lost, so the disuse of his muscles causes them to shrink away. It is a horrible and rare disease, that they really don't know much about. So instead of winning the lottery, he got ALS, the chances are pretty much the same. He is walking with a cane, but other than that, he is doing good, but the problem is that it came on very rapidly, and they say if it comes on rapidly, it doesn't really slow down. Anyway, that is very sad, but I am so glad we got to spend time with him, and talk with him, he still has time left!
Saturday we really just hung out. Mom, Dad, Skyler, and I went out shopping, then came back to get ready for family pictures that night. Though I'm glad we did the pictures, it was just soooo much fun doing them with sooo many guys who just looove taking pictures, haha...not. There was our family, then my Uncle Robin and Aunt Dana with their 3 kids, my Uncle Gary and Becky and their three kids, my Aunt Laurie and uncle Mark and their 2 kids, and my Grandma and Grandpa Trimble, so there were a ton of people, and it took forever. We haven't seen the pictures yet, but I hope they turn out!
Sunday we woke up and headed over to my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mark's church, because they were blessing their new baby, then we went to their house and had a delicious brunch. Then we went back to my other Grandparents house for the rest of the night just to all hang out.
Monday my family left, my Grandma Bunch and I went to Hobby Lobby. We don't have one here and I could probably die of happiness in that store. I've been wanting to do a lot of crafts, so I got my stuff, then we headed back up home to lovely Idaho.
Since we got back I have been crafting like a mad woman. Here are some of my creations so far!
I think this is what I am most proud of, the sign says "Aqui la vida es simple" which means "here the life is simple"

 Here is my wreath! I really like it!
 We have been wanting to do something like this for a long time, you put in the paper behind the glass of the frame, and that acts as a dry erase board so you can write something on the line!
 These are dates. My birthday, our anniversary, his birthday
 trying to dress up the thermostat wall haha
 this is my cake stand!
I also have some big prints of our wedding being shipped to me, and I'm going to mount them and make them look all vintage, I am SO excited for that, I will be sure to put of pictures of the finished product!

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