First week and wedding

Well the fateful second to last semester of school has started, last week was totally crazy. We started school Monday, and Jared also started his internship, yeah he's doing a full time internship on top of taking 16 incredibly hard upper level credits. He is working at the Entrepreneurial center, which deals with venture capital, and he is really liking it.
I'm taking Pastry, Applied culinary fundamentals, food service management (where we run "emma's kitchen" a little cafe on campus), Agriculture marketing, Doctrines of the gospel, and two online classes. I am literally cooking all day long, and I love it! I also love my Doctrines of the gospel class, my teacher is awesome, and I've missed taking religion classes on campus rather than online, which I totally hate.
This past weekend we had the great opportunity to go to the wedding of one of Jared's friends from his mission. Thursday night we drove down to Utah, then Friday we went to the Draper temple to the sealing, then went to their gorgeous luncheon after that, oh the food was awesome, then that night was their reception. It was so cute, they had like a hot dog stand, and a photo booth, and "Mexican coke". Since Dan, (and Jared) went to Mexico on their missions, they got used to the Coca Cola down there, which is in glass bottles, and they use real sugar instead of the sweeteners, oh it's so good! We had a great time spending time with Jason, another guy from their mission, who escorted us around San Francisco a few months ago. We got to rummage around a huge Halloween store before the reception and had fun trying on masks. Then the boys slept in the car while I went to Down East (which I decided I don't like) and the beauty store haha. It was a great weekend, and we are back ready for week 2 tomorrow!

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