Friday night we left for Boise, we have been planning this trip for a few months now, since our friend Ross said he was going to propose to sweet Chelsey after a Boise State game, and invited us out there. We got in late and got to hang out with everybody, and eat amazing chocolate cinnamon rolls that Ross' mom made for us.
Saturday morning we all drove into Boise up to "Governor's Hill" where the governor's mansion is, and the biggest hill ever, where we went ice blocking. Most everybody had never been before, so it was fun to see everyone try it, but the hike up and down the hill was no joke...
Then we went back into Boise that afternoon to tailgate, and to go to the first Boise state game of the season. I had never tailgated before, first off, Ross' mom Rachel is an awesome cook and all the food was absolutely delicious, but it was fun all dressing up together and hanging out. 
Then we headed over the the stadium, were we took our awesome seats on the endzone. Everytime they got within the 35 yard line, we got to jump up and stand right against the wall on the field. The stadium was packed with everyone in blue and orange, it was so cool watching the game, Boise State is incredible, and beat Tulsa to a pulp. 
After the game we walked around forever, stalling while Ross' parents set up a table in the park with candles, flowers, and that little black box, though Chelsey had no idea what was going on.
Finally we divided up, but in a few seconds we realized Ross and Chelsey were going to get there waaay before we were, so we totally booked it, and had to run all the way around the park to make it to watch the proposal while we hid behind a tree. It was so great to be there and support them, and we can't wait for the big day!
Heck even driving around Boise, and all the way home was fun because we were listening to the Hunger Games (my second time) so Jared could hear it, we'd get in the car and Jared and Shawn would say "no more chatting, play the book". After the game and the proposal we all went out to "merrits" this restaurant with famous scones that were absolutely delicious!
So we are home, safe, after another out of town weekend, for another week. We leave Friday for Utah for conference, which I am really excited about, I've never been!

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