Roadtrip stop #9: Lake Powell

This is definitely a place we will be making a return vacation, we just spent an afternoon here and loved it. We left the Grand Canyon on Wednesday (8/10) and headed to lake Powell. It was sooooo hot once we got there, and the campground was a little bit different than the one we stayed at in the grand canyon. There were no trees, lots of ants and other bugs, and the people camping next to us were like 20 feet from us, but it was fine, we set up our tent and headed to the "swim beach". We really wanted to rent jet skis  but it was $180 for 2 hours, not including gas, PLUS you had to give them a $500 refundable cash deposit. Yeah...we just decided to swim.
At the "beach" we were the only Americans! I guess companies go over to France and Germany and sell package deals for vacations, and give them vouchers and stuff, and Lake Powell was part of the package. Everyone was French! That means lots of speedos and old men with hairy chests...bleh. But Jared, being creative, had us bring our boogie boards out into the lake so we could go further out than anyone and just float around. Brilliant!
After a few hours there we went to the marina and watched the boats and just talked. It was so gorgeous and relaxing. We then headed back to our camp, and chased around lizards and bunnys, and a little later started up the fire and roasted our bratwurst for dinner. After listening to French all day, I heard the people in the next campsite talking, and realized they were speaking some kind of Russian, and they kept looking at us and our fire and our hot dogs haha. So we had 2 brats left and Jared went and asked them if they would like to roast some hot dogs over the fire, oh they loved that. It was a mom and dad with their two preteen girls, and they were on holiday from the czech republic (uhhh awesome). They were so nice! Though I'm not sure how much English the mom spoke haha. They loved cooking the brats and had a real American experience! It was so cool to talk to them, and I think the girls thought it was so cool to be talking to us.
After they went back to their camp we (haha I) made smores, man I am a master at making smores....and then we headed to bed. It was still stinkin hot though, so we took the fly off of our tent and slept pretty much under the stars, it was so pretty!

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