Roadtrip stop #8: Hoover Dam/The Grand Canyon

We stopped by the Hoover dam outside of Vegas....no story, just pictures!

When you visit the Grand Canyon for anything other than rafting down the Colorado, or hiking the 9 miles into it, it goes like this:
Park the car at one of the pull offs
Walk up to the "scenic overlook"
navigate your way around all of the foreigners there on "holiday"
look at, take some pictures of, and marvel at the Grand canyon
Leave 3 minutes later.
We weren't any different. Jared had never seen the grand canyon and now he has! haha. We were only there one night camping, and honestly, I loved camping more than I loved seeing the Grand canyon! We have never been camping together, and right before the trip we finally acquired a tent, and an air mattress, so we are set to do a ton of camping in the near future! So we set up camp at "Mather Campground" which is absolutely gorgeous. We were expecting it to be so hot and dry, but it was in a forest and it was so cool, like 70 degrees, and there weren't any bugs, and even though the campground was totally full, it was still quiet and no one had rowdy kids running around, it was perfect! I'd go back just to go camping again!

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