Roadtrip stop #7: Las Vegas

Well I think this will be our one and only time we go to Vegas. I have never liked Vegas, but it is something you have to see once, and Jared had never been, so happily, I complied. However, I am going to rant for a second here....
the first hotel we stayed at (on Saturday night 8/6) was off the strip like 10 miles, because it was so expensive to stay on the strip on a Saturday. They charge us about $20 more than the price given to us by priceline...annoying. Then they take us to our nonsmoking room, and the place REEKS of cigarettes, oh it was disgusting both Jared and I were gagging. So we move rooms, to one that doesn't smell, but is just pretty nasty. I had to walk around in my shoes because it just gave me the heebie jeebies. Anyway that night we just hung out, and took a drive down the strip. By the way, don't drive down the strip, traffic is a nightmare.
Sunday (8/7) we checked out of our hotel and headed to the strip to check into our new hotel the Imperial Palace, located right next to the Flamingo, right in the middle of the strip. We parked, left our bags in the car and went into the casino to get to the front desk, thinking we'd check in and get our bags later. The line, however was so long to check in, there were like 50 people in front of us, so we decided we'd go pick up our tickets for our show at Planet Hollywood that night, and come check in later. So we ventured out onto the strip in the 114 degree heat. Excuse my language here, but Vegas is hotter than hell, oh my word I hate it. The 5 or 6 blocks down to Planet Hollywood seemed to last forever, but we finally got to it, and had to go into the mall next to the casino where the "V Theater" was, because that's where our show was going to be. We walked around the mall and had a lot of fun, the inside was like a domed ceiling and painted like the sky (like Hogwarts! haha) it was really cool. They even have a movie test center there where you watch movie previews and answer survey questions and they pay you to do it, so we did, and got our checks for $2 each haha. Hey, we got paid to watch movie previews!

So we head back to our hotel in the unbearable heat, and get to the front desk and the line is twice as long as it was when we left earlier. It was 2:40 when we got in line. After watching someone pass out, talking to the Australian couple "on holiday" behind us, and TWO HOURS LATER we finally got checked in. Ugh. So we venture up to our room, that doesn't have a mini fridge, has 10 channels on the "cable" tv (the other 10 were channels all about Vegas!) and doesn't even have a comforter on the bed, just sheets. They didn't even have free wifi! But happy to finally be in our room, and knowing we had to leave to our show in just an hour or so, we went and got all the bags all the way in the parking garage. That took us probably 30 minutes because the car was so far away and navigating the dumb hotel was terrible. So at 5ish we finally get our stuff back to the room and start getting ready for our show, which we have to leave for at 5:45. I hadn't showered, I was not anticipating a 2 hour wait to get to our room! But we got ready, and headed back to Planet Hollywood to get in line for our seats.

We saw "V The Ultimate Variety Show" and it was really cute! They had like 8 different acts in the hour. A balancer, a gymnist, a comedian (my favorite, involving 4 volunteers from the audience and hilarious masks) a juggler, some tap dancers, and another comedian. Oh and these "strong men" who like squn over the audience on big tethers. The best part though were the hosts, the "Gauchos" these two spanish guys who played the drums and had these ropes the swung and hit on the floor, and they were hilarious! I'm so glad we went to the show, and I thought it was awesome. After that we just headed back, we were both so exhausted we just wanted to get to bed.
The next morning we woke up around 9 and ate breakfast, then we were laying in bed watching tv, and I told Jared I was tired and going back to sleep, so I rolled over and next thing I know it was 1:30 in the afternoon, and Jared had been sleeping the whole time too! I guess our vacation had worn us out! But we woke up starving and went out in search of some lunch. We headed over the Venetian, and there was a mall kind of like the one at Planet Hollywood, but soooo much cooler. They had a river running through the middle of it and had guys rowing gondolas and singing to their passengers, just like in Italy! So we walked around, went in a few art galleries, and Jared bought me gelato, my favorite! We then just wandered around the different casinos for a little while.

Later that night it was our night to go out and explore the strip. The first thing we head over to is the Bellagio to see the water show. We loved the first one so much we stayed and watch another! They were amazing!! Even though I loved our show, the Bellagio show was my absolute favorite thing about Vegas. We even filmed them both!

We just walked up and down and took pictures and just saw Vegas. It was very pretty, though very educational. Literally everyone (minus the two married mormons walking around haha) was drunk. Seriously every British person we passed was swearing like a sailor, and apparently you can't tell which girls are the hookers anymore because every single woman was dressed like one. The fashion has officially caught on. Oh and who needs hookers when you have 50 people up and down the strip handing, no shoving these "calling cards" into your hands that have just lovely naked pictures of "girl escorts"
 So amongst all the irritation, we did end up having fun in Vegas, but I was very excited to leave the next day.

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